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The movie “Don’t Forget I Love You” is set for Valentine’s Day, Nazha Liu Yihao snuggles sweetly

Directed by Huang Zhenzhen, starring Nazha and Liu Yihao, with Zhang Xinyi as a special star, Ma Zhiwei as a friendship starring, the film “Don’t Forget I Love You” starring Zhang Yang and Luo Ji will be released on February 14, 2022. Today’s movie released the “Love is by your side” version of the poster. Nazha and Liu Yihao cuddled sweetly under the warm and soft light and shadow, very loving.

The movie “Don’t Forget I Love You” explores a romantic and unique proposition, how to talk about a “never expiring love”? It is also intended to remind everyone that no matter how long they have been in love, don’t forget those details in love, don’t forget hugs, don’t forget commitments, don’t forget the initial heartbeat, and cherish every moment of love.

Talk about a love that never expires

Nuozha Liu Yihao is desperate for love

If there is really no past and no future, then all we can do is to seize every day when love is around us, and cherish every opportunity to meet, embrace and kiss our lover. In the movie “Don’t Forget I Love You”, Xing Yue (played by Nazha) and Lu Yao (played by Liu Yihao) talked about a love that “can’t see the past and the future”. Although it is fresh and sweet enough, it is also It takes enough courage.

Talking about this special relationship, Nazha said, “Xingyue is a very courageous girl. When she encounters true love, she will choose to seize it desperately and be firm to the end.” Liu Yihao said bluntly, “I hope everyone can feel it. To love is the most important thing in life.” I look forward to this romantic love story, which will not only bring you a lot of sweetness, but also allow you to love bravely, forcefully, and cherish love.

The director of the kissing scene, Huang Zhenzhen, laughed throughout the whole process

Nuozha is shy and nervous, Liu Yihao hugs warmly

It is worth mentioning that Nazha and Liu Yihao are full of sweetness in the play, and their interaction outside the play is also very loving. When filming a kiss scene, Nazha was very nervous. After capturing Nazha’s expression attentively, Liu Yihao immediately gave her a warm hug and comforted her softly, which not only helped Nazha to relax, but also started filming. better access the situation before.

After the scene ended, Nuozha was so shy that she blushed when she looked back at the monitor at the scene, and tried to cover her shyness with drinking water. Director Huang Zhenzhen next to him also “aunt laughed” throughout the whole process, and also gave Nazha off-site advice: “You let Yihao guide you, it will look better.” Many viewers also shouted after seeing this tidbit. When it’s time for the candy, “This CP feeling is so full, it’s so sweet!”

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