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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 42 Recap

Compared with the power of the prey, Yu Huan is still too weak. In order to protect her sister from any harm, she finally obeys the prey’s arrangement and continues to work for the opponent, as long as she can sit in the long-awaited position. But he never thought that while possessing great power, the prey must also endure the backlash of power. A body that has lived for thousands of years has long been rotten, so the prey has to rely on the piece of Yu Huan to help him find the emperor. ring.

Since Yan Xi was under the control of Cang Liu, both he and Na Sheng were brought back by Nan Zhao. Originally, Nan Zhao was going to take the Emperor’s Ring, but how could he know that he was injured by the ring, and Yan Xi also regained consciousness at this moment. Just as Shi Peng had murderous intent on Na Sheng, Yan Xi suddenly rushed out and blocked Na Sheng abruptly.

Bai Ying followed Su G to revisit the old place, but unexpectedly the wishing cards were sold out quickly, but fortunately there was the last piece left. However, Su Gu didn’t write his wish on the sign, because he didn’t believe in God’s arrangement at all, he only believed that he could control his destiny. Under the influence of Su Gu, Bai Ying was inspired. Looking at the familiar scenery in front of her, she couldn’t help revealing her true feelings.

Although Bai Ying had struggled with the ashes, she was satisfied that she could stay with Su Mi for a while, and she also expressed that he was her belief. Su Gu went up to kiss Bai Ying without hesitation, and made an oath in the name of the star soul and blood, thus forming a sea oath of life and death, which also allowed Bai Ying to completely recover her memory.

Shi Peng ordered Yu Zhu to be taken away, and arranged for Shi Lang to find a way to get rid of the prey. Yu Zhu was heartbroken and said that he should regard Shi Peng as his father. After all, without him, the two brothers would not have today. When Shi Peng heard these words, he couldn’t help feeling a little moved. He also hoped to be their father, and reached out to wipe away the tears on Yu Zhu’s face. Unexpectedly, just after he finished speaking, he directly twisted her neck. Nan Zhao watched this scene. In his eyes, the shock in his heart was suppressed.

At this time, in the prison, Yan Xi was already injured, and because of the long-term lack of water, he fell into a coma and suffered endless pain. Na Sheng called for help many times and no one came, until Yu Huan suddenly appeared and forcibly dragged her away without a word. Shi Peng learned about Yuhuan’s prison robbery and ordered Nan Zhao to lead people to hunt him down.

Zhen Lan and the others had no news about Yan Xi and Na Sheng for a long time, so they were very anxious, so they went to Su G to discuss. Su G guessed that Yu Huan had been wanted by the whole city, and the only place he could go now was the Mirror Pagoda Temple. So Su Gu took the Heaven-defying Sword that Zhen Lan handed over, and accompanied Bai Ying to the Mirror Tower, ready to start a life-and-death battle with the prey.

Yu Huan took Na Sheng to see the prey, but the prey asked him to put down the rebellion of the five divisions. But when Yu Huan learned that his sister had descended to the Temple of Heaven, he was immediately furious, because he knew that the tower was in danger and might be in danger at any time. After Yu Huan left, the prey might as well tell Na Sheng the truth, that he not only wanted to get Huangtian and Houtu rings, but also to take the lives of Su Gu and Zhenlan.

Zhen Lan hurried to the Mirror Tower, untied the rope for Na Sheng smoothly, and took her to untangle the last seal. Unexpectedly, the seal was hidden in the Xuanhuang Sutra, and only Na Sheng could use the Emperor’s Ring to open the seal. On the other side, Bai Ying and Su Gu had just arrived at the Temple of Heaven when they found that the prey had closed the gate.

Arrays are set up everywhere in the Temple of Heaven, the purpose is to make Su copy, but he is not an opponent of the power of the Dragon God at all. So when Zhen Lan unlocked the seal, Su Gu and the prey suddenly inspired the broken army, and the day when the broken army reappeared, it represented the turmoil in the world. Seeing the situation, the prey turned into a puff of black smoke and fled, and then left a voice, saying that Su G would have to wait seven thousand years to defeat him.

On the way to find Yu Zhu, Yu Huan unexpectedly learned the news of his sister’s murder. The death of his only relative made him completely crazy, and he was willing to become the puppet of the broken army, absorbing all the power. In just one day, Yu Huan seemed to be a different person, and he was cruel and cruel, and easily wiped out the five divisions and became the new lord of Cangliu.

Fei Lian learned that his father and the fifth division were killed by Yu Huan one after another, and he was deeply saddened, and then went to him to settle accounts. But thinking of the old love, Fei Lian still wanted to persuade Yu Huan to restore his conscience and stop killing him. However, Yu Huan could not listen to anything, and the death of his sister made him no longer have any concerns.

Su Gu summoned all the clansmen to discuss how to deal with Yu Huan. After all, he should not be underestimated at the moment. Not only does he have a bodyguard, but also all the spells given by the prey. day. Zhen Lan and Bai Ying were attacked by Yu Huan in the wild. They knew that Yu Huan was willing to be controlled by the predators, completely disregarding the people of Yunhuang, and had to put everyone to death.

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