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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 38 Recap

A new round of fighting started, and the Blue Army successfully counterattacked again without supplies and support, preventing the Red Army’s plan to land on the island. The director’s department was always concerned about the war ahead, and found that Sorghum had sunk two warships in the waters in front of the pier earlier, making it impossible for the Red Army to approach.

In this way, the actions of the Red 1st Battalion are all exposed, and each attack will have varying degrees of loss. As the war has formed a stalemate, the directors of the director team all think that the Blue Army is absolutely tenacious. After all, the Red Army has almost wiped out their heavy artillery and artillery, and they can persist until now, so they are looking forward to this exercise even more. .

At the same time, the TV signal of the observation group was interrupted. Li Shaobing and Song Jianshe shouted to find someone to repair it, while Zheng Yuan asked Qin Hanyong to get him some fresh water. Seeing this, Li Shaobing also went to the vent to collect water, but was unexpectedly driven back by the members of the special operations team, and even taught Song Jianshe a lesson, making Song Jianshe in a very bad mood.

Zheng Yuan reminded everyone to pay attention to their identity as hostages and not to make mistakes in this joint. Considering that Sorghum has not yet delivered fresh water, he guessed that he must have done it on purpose. Because since yesterday, the faces of the prisoners of war have not been smeared with flour, which shows that the sorghum is trying to drag the war on to a time when no one can expect it.

That night, Li Shaobing and Song Jianshe conspired and decided to rescue the red side’s hostages and blow up the blue side’s ammunition depot to escape. Originally, Li Shaobing was still a little hesitant, but Song Jianshe said that they are now prisoners and have already participated in this war. It is very suitable for people to rise up and resist.

Qin Hanyong was very angry when he learned of Song Jianshe’s behavior. He had previously decided to delegate power to Gu Yinye and Gao Liang. Since Song Jianshe did not abide by the rules, he could also participate in the battle. Just as Qin Hanyong was about to rush out, Zheng Yuan immediately stopped him, and the chief of staff also emphasized that Song Jianshe’s behavior was in line with the actual combat character.

Song Jianshe led the soldiers of the Red 1st Battalion to the door of the ammunition depot. When they were about to smash the door, they were stopped by the Blue Army led by Jiang Weixing. Song Jianshe and the Hongfang hostages failed to escape from prison, and they would rather die than take prisoners. They died heroically after fighting with the special forces. When the news reached the observation team, the chief of staff believed that Song Jianshe belonged to a war hero from the perspective of intelligence work. Zheng Yuan proposed to give him credit after this time, and everyone raised their hands in agreement.

The red side once again landed on the island to fight against the blue side. Although the Special Forces Brigade is still sticking to Qiaotou Island, they are already in a situation where they have not eaten or drunk for many days, and their bodies have already reached their limits.

Ma Jianfei, a soldier in the 2nd platoon of the 9th Company, went to the storage point to drink fresh water secretly, and even gave the water to the company commander Li Guoqiang, but when Li Guoqiang learned about the source of the water, he was so angry that he scolded him. Sorghum expressed understanding after learning about the incident, but according to the rules of the exercise, they could only be judged to be killed in action, and Li Guoqiang’s position was assumed by the second platoon leader, Ding Yongyuan.

Gu Yinye changed the combat plan, personally arraigned Niu Mancang, and deliberately performed a play, telling him the distribution of the underground fortifications on Qiaotou Island and the place where the “hostages” were held. At first Niu Mancang was still complacent, thinking that Gu Yinye would definitely lose, but he didn’t know that he had disclosed the information, and it was too late to react, which made him regret.

After the arraignment was over, Gu Yinye wanted to report the next action plan to the director’s department. They had already mastered the strategic deployment of the special forces team, and they just needed to gather forces to take down the opponent. He Zhigeng thought that Operation Zhanlan should end here, but Jiang Nanzheng received news and was told that there was a problem with the Red Army Shanwang No. 2 and she needed to solve it.

Jiang Nanzheng took a helicopter to the warship, and it was clear that Gu Yinye wanted to use himself against Sorghum. Gu Yinye did not deny that, because Jiangnan’s expedition to the island was a civilian, she could not leak any military information to Gaoliang.

Gu Yinye knew that the special operations team had run out of ammunition and food, so he asked Jiang Nanzheng to bring 50 boxes of lunch to the island, indicating that it had been poisoned. Jiang Nanzheng wanted to reject Gu Yinye out of principle, but Gu Yinye had already calculated that she would not give up such a good opportunity for data collection, and even mentioned Zheng Yuan’s situation.

Nowadays, the special forces team has been without water and food for many days, and they have to be alert to the attack of the Red 1st Battalion at any time, and have never rested. Jiang Weixing believes that the special forces team is not only fighting alone, but also isolated and helpless, and even suspects that the director’s department wants to use this opportunity to deliberately target them.

Gao Liang directly spoke to the director’s department, asking to confirm the identity of the hostages, and to report their action plan to them. If there are still special forces on the island, then these hostages will be safe. If the resistance ends, the hostages will be executed. After the report was over, Gao Liang directly cut off contact with the director’s department.

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