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Reset 开端 Episode 8 Recap

Lao Jiao and a group of brothers are eating, worrying about how they can make a living without culture. Something went wrong at the construction site, and his daughter was about to take the college entrance examination. He was saving money for the sake of his children. A friend told him that he could buy a second-hand electric car for takeout, but this second-hand car was also money, and Lao Jiao was pounding in his heart. Due to the inspection of the rented garage, the landlord could only ask Lao Jiao to leave quickly, and Lao Jiao left silently with the packed suitcase.

Looking at the two remaining suspect passengers in front, Li Shiqing used her menstrual period as an excuse to approach the indifferent aunt, only to find that there was a pressure cooker in the plastic bag beside her feet. The aunt replied that the pot was filled with meat, and Li Shiqing was suspicious, but Xiao Heyun felt that her aunt did not respond when she looked at the plastic bag. The biggest suspect was Lao Jiao who was carrying the suitcase.

The time kept advancing, and they decided to take a gamble to throw Lao Jiao’s suitcase out of the car, but Lao Jiao suddenly opened the box and rummaged through it. Take out a few sanitary napkins and give them to Li Shiqing. In this way, there is only one suspect left in the car. When he got off the bus at the stop, Xiao Heyun pushed Li Shiqing away to let her run, while he rushed to the side of the aunt who was holding the pressure cooker. The aunt watched him indifferently as he pulled up the knob on the top of the pressure cooker, and the bus exploded again.

Lao Jiao’s suitcase was kindly given to him by the landlord, and the contents were left in it by the landlord’s wife forgot to pack. Lao Jiao picked up his daughter’s certificate and decided to go to the opposite side of Jiang to find a co-worker to live in. The sensible daughter wanted to drop out of school to help him pay off his debts, but Lao Jiao didn’t want her to do so, so he walked towards the bus stop with a sigh. The aunt who was carrying the pressure cooker was also struggling to climb to the station on the stairs.

Li Shiqing was awakened by the sound of coins being put in. At this time, the aunt who raised the pressure cooker had already got into the car. This time, the time was not advanced, and it was difficult for Xiao Heyun to wake up when he fell asleep. Xiao Heyun finally woke up under the shouts of Li Shiqing and the passengers. He found that although he could hear voices, he was trapped in the standby state and it was difficult to wake up.

The two knew that once the bomb got on the bus, the time would not be advanced, and Li Shiqing worried that this might be their last chance to survive. The two wanted to get off at the next stop. They were just ordinary people and wanted to live, but their inner morality made them tangled again.

Li Shiqing finally decided to stay and gamble. She rushed forward and snatched the pressure cooker on the ground. Xiao Heyun held her aunt down but was stabbed by her with a knife and fell to the side. Auntie rushed forward and pulled back Li Shiqing who was about to get out of the car. The knife stabbed Li Shiqing in the neck. Xiao Heyun shouted loudly for the passengers to help, but seeing such a scene, everyone in the car was stunned. This time The opportunity was missed again.

When she woke up again, Li Shiqing was terrified of the cold death, and her tears flowed. Xiao Heyun hugged her tightly to calm her down, and took her hand to decide to get off at the next stop. Standing at the exit, Li Shiqing decided to try again at the last minute. She turned around to grab the pressure cooker, and Xiao Heyun rushed to stop the aunt who took out the knife.

This time, Xiao Heyun stabbed the knife into his aunt’s abdomen. The blood-covered Xiao Heyun pulled up Li Shiqing and left without looking back, while the injured aunt pulled the knob with all her strength, and the bus still exploded.

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