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What was Paris verdict in the trojan war

Paris was the son of Priam and Hecuba. His mother had a nightmare before he was born, dreaming that Troy was baptized by fire. The prophet told Hekuba that this son would destroy Troy, so Priam ordered his servant Aglaos to take the child with him. Abandoned at Mount Ida, Agoraos raised him. He was very strong and protected his herd and his friends, so others called him Alexander, which means amazing man.

At this time, the three goddesses came to Paris and asked him to make a judgment. All three goddesses offered him prizes. Hera promised to give him supreme power, Athena to give him the brightest mind, and Aphrodite to give him the best mind. He wanted to marry Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world, and Paris gave the golden apple to Aphrodite, so Aphrodite agreed to help Paris seduce Helen, the queen of Sparta.

After that, Paris returned to Troy to participate in the competition of the heroes, and even Hector lost to him. The son of Priam despised Paris, and Deiphobus drew his sword to kill him. Paris went to the altar of Zeus to seek refuge, where Priam’s daughter, the prophet Cassandra, saw him, and she recognized Paris immediately. Priam is very happy, and despite Cassandra warning him that Paris is a curse, Priam doesn’t listen.

After becoming a prince, Paris was instigated by Aphrodite to take a boat to Sparta to find the coast, and went ashore with his friend Aeneas to visit Menelao, the king of Sparta, as a guest. Menelaus, banquet Helen is bewitched.

A few days later, Menelaos said that he was going to Crete, and before leaving, he asked Helen to greet the guests well. As soon as Menelaus left, Paris instigated Helen to leave her husband and go to Troy with him. Helen abandoned everything for love, including her daughter Hermione. On the way back, the sea god Nereus suddenly stopped the boat and told them to pay the price, but Aphrodite comforted them and they returned to Troy three days later.

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