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Manage the brand with sincerity, create Slow Cooker customers even if they are far away. but the hearts are never apart

Times change, but care never changes. Slow Cooker friendships don’t have to meet often. but love each other the same Friendship that is used with friends, but can also be used as a technique in business.

What is Slow Cooker?

This term comes from Rosie Spinks, who wrote an article on Medium, interpreting it as a “casserole” that is used to make stew dishes. which is a menu that people make must be calm and take the time to boil before coming out as a stewed menu that has a mellow flavor It is like a special relationship that has been cultivated with someone special. If it’s a friend who has a relationship like a casserole, it’s someone who is comfortable with just sitting quietly together without talking to each other. Even though we don’t see each other often, we don’t call each other every day. But whenever a friend has a problem The other party is always ready to reach out to help.

Slow Cooker Customer Care for Business

For in terms of business Stewed customer care Comparable to customers who buy our products Even if I don’t buy every day But every time I want to buy must always choose to buy our products It is known that there is a Brand Loyalty or brand loyalty. I don’t want to switch to another brand. and is always supporting new products. as well as protecting the reputation of our brand as well

Build a relationship like a boiler from being a Brand Loyalty

When a cauldron relationship is made possible by being a Brand Loyalty, the best way to market it is to build a Loyalty through online channels. because it is the most popular channel that consumers use especially during the epidemic situation of COVID by information from the College of Management Mahidol University (CMMU) found that Thai people spend up to 10.5 hours a day online. to follow the news Communicate and watch movies, JobsDB has strategies and methods for creating Brand Loyalty to recommend for those who want to build a cascade relationship with our brand as follows.

  1. Repeat purchase because we believe in quality. Repurchase-Trust-Quality Repeat purchase because of confidence and confidence in the quality of products and services.
  2. Accumulating points, having discounts, are things that can create a brand loyalty, including the brand must have a unique identity that fits the lifestyle of the consumer.
  3. Target the right audience Females are more loyal to their brands than their national counterparts. especially single women
  4. Build a shield to prevent change of mind. with unique products that are different from other products Or can’t buy anywhere else anymore
  5. The most used online channel for word of mouth is Facebook at 43%, followed by Line 26%, Instagram 21%, respectively.
  6. Promotions, special privileges and the Loyalty Program must not be lacking if you want to build a Brand Loyalty.

You can see that creating a customer with a relationship like a boiler It has to start with building a Brand Loyalty first by managing the brand with sincerity. Build a customer with a casserole-like relationship. far away but the hearts are never apart It won’t be difficult.

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