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The new generation of Airbnb-style work

Insights into the new generation of Airbnb-style work: full flexibility Work from anywhere in the world! Airbnb, is a popular accommodation booking platform in the United States. It is one […]

Definition of Financial Statement Analysis

1. Definition of Financial Statement Analysis “Analysis of financial statements means using various tools to assess the performance of the organization. by considering the information from the financial statements to […]

What is Yield Farming?

Another interesting form of investment in the DeFi world that has been talked about a lot lately is ‘Yield Farming’, which has a lot of projects that have been happening […]

What is an EA Forex (Expert Advisor)?

Introducing free trading programs EA Forex comes from the Expert Adviser or specialist intelligence. Listen here and believe that many people might be confused as to what exactly. But if […]

Do you think gold is still a safe asset?

Gold is Safe Haven or Safe Assets. especially during the economic crisis And it seems that this sentence is already deeply ingrained in the minds of gold investors. He became […]

Learn Forex Trading Basics

Forex Trading Fundamentals Beginners who want to invest in Forex should start by studying the information. so that we may have knowledge and understanding Because Forex trading is considered to […]

Negotiation & Assertiveness

Description:Managers spend a significant proportion of their time negotiating with stakeholders. They thus need to know how to negotiate successfully. Basic negotiation skills include planning, knowing your opponent, and exploring […]

Knowledge Realization Payment (Book)

Author: Yuan Rongjian – Business logic and practical guide for knowledge realization – From the perspective of industrial economy, this book explores the basic laws of knowledge-paying operations and development […]

Using Accounting Information

Description:This book is the fifth of seven books which introduces the basic principles of accounting. In this book you learn about special financial reporting topics, financial statement analysis, and the […]

International Financial Reporting

Description:How to read an annual report under the ’International Financial Reporting Standards’ (IFRS) provisions? Marco Mongiello (Imperial College Business School) explains the informational value of an annual report under the […]

Performing under Pressure

Description:Too much to do and not enough time? Then this book is for you. Working under pressure reduces productivity, threatens effectiveness, creativity and results and does neither individual nor organisation […]

Stochastic Calculus and Finance

Description:Stochastic Calculus for Finance evolved from the first ten years of the Carnegie Mellon Professional Master program in Computational Finance. The content of this book has been used successfully with […]