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Parkinson’s Law, the law of work that helps us quit pita. Quit burning jobs near the deadline

“WORK EXPANDS SO AS TO FILL THE TIME AVAILABLE FOR ITS COMPLETION” or “People like to extend their working hours as long as they have time” is the description of Parkinson’s Law. with much is usually not enough Because most people like to work near the deadline. This rule was coined by the British historian Cyril Northcote Parkinson, who began his study by observing the behavior and way of working of people around him.

Then a question arises: Why do people spend the same amount of time doing different tasks even though they are the same type of work?

Parkinson’s Law, the law of work that helps us quit pita. Quit burning jobs near the deadline

A rule published in The Economist magazine in 1955 describes the behavior of fit people working near the deadline. If you haven’t reached the deadline, your brain won’t run. Those who like to read last night’s exams, one night miracle, even though they have a week to work But they often rush to work near the date that the work must be sent. The type that can be sleep deprived in order to complete the work on time. Burn the delivery job in the instant deadline line. Or working on fire for every project. Parkinson’s Law explains the origins that people like to do in 2 things:

Want to extend the time indefinitely to make the work come out as perfect as possible.

Many times we can’t finish the work because we keep fixing the work. I feel that the job can still be better. The work that was supposed to take 2 weeks to complete had to be extended. because when you want the job to come out as perfect as possible You will begin to make the task more complex. Expand the scope of work as well. or when you go to work You’re still not satisfied with the results of your work. I want to fix that and fix this in order to get the best results. Until finally the work was not finished. Until finally, I have to rush to finish the work near the deadline.

If you know that there is still time The brain is always ready to procrastinate.

Our brains are smarter than we think. Because the brain has the goal of managing energy to be used as efficiently as possible. So whatever the brain feels like there’s still time left. It will begin to order us to turn that work out first. and when I realized again that the time was low It’s almost time to send the work. The brain will immediately instruct us to do that task. We will feel very productive. Some people have ideas flowing. Headache for no reason No matter how fast we sleep ready to have the energy to complete the task according to the deadline

How to Beat Parkinson’s Law

Now that we’ve figured out how the brain works through a study of Parkinson’s Law, it’s time for us to organize ourselves to deal with the urge to procrastinate or the feeling of wanting to do better. until the work is not finished

Understanding the job scope

Study the details of the work that needs to be understood. that this work must be done What is it intended for? how to do enough to define the scope and goals of the work to be done This way we can enjoy working. Accidentally fixing the work so that I have to burn the work near the deadline.

Divide the task into smaller tasks.

If you are working on a project or a large piece of work that is complex It is recommended to divide the work into smaller tasks to help plan the work. Better time management and setting timeline

Allocate time appropriately for the tasks you do.

Set clear deadlines for each task. For example, this task should be done in 3 days, or the task should be completed in 1 week, and the work schedule should be based on the facts and time spent doing the actual work. don’t have to spend a lot of time because in the end, the brain will order to turn that work out If you know that there is still time Therefore, it should be timed to fit each task.

Try setting your own deadline even faster.

In addition to creating a deadline to fit one’s ability to get work done, Try a more challenging approach by scheduling a little shorter than your actual working hours. in order to bring out the hidden potential to the fullest Because the brain will be able to extract resources that are available to complete tasks in time for the set deadline. It’s a little brain trick to develop your limits. But the method should not place the deadline too much less than it really is. And it is not recommended to do it often because it can cause burn out easily.

Discipline to control deadline

The most important thing that will allow us to overcome this rule is discipline. Because no matter how well the timeline is set, how well you work, or how well you manage your time, if you can’t keep the time and finish it according to the deadline, what you have planned will be zero. nothing control yourself strictly maintain discipline what word do you say It was planned that this work had to be done today and had to be done today. Follow the plan to be able to Only this will be able to solve the problem of not working in time. Burning work near the deadline Sleep deprivation to finish work until losing both physical and mental health

Take this roadmap and apply it for yourself, and JobsDB hopes everyone can break the habit of procrastinating. or did not finish the work for a while Change to work completed within the specified time. Have time to rest after work is done happily and comfortably. No more stress when it’s almost time to submit work. For those who are ready to go to work Give us the opportunity to find the right job. You can find the perfect job at the JobsDB application.

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