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Win The Future 输赢 Episode 6 Recap

Luo Jia took Xiao Le to see Zhou Rui. Xiao Le saw that the shoes she was wearing were recommended for dating couples. The person who laughed Luo Jia was dating was his little brother.

After Zhou Rui arrived in Fast, he asked Fang Wei to talk to the security guards. Later, Xie Yi Lao Lei and others arrived one after another. Ye Chaodong blocked Cao Tianyou in the courtyard, Zhou Rui took Xie Yi and others to the warehouse to take photos, but Fang Wei searched the warehouse and did not find the server. Zhou Rui declared that the payment deadline had expired. Give money. The time for Zhou Rui to talk with Luo Jia is up, he must go. Ye Chaodong said all the good things left, so that Cao Tianyou owed half of the 30 million yuan, but Cao Tianyou had no integrity and ran away.

Fast employees saw Xie Yi taking pictures and robbed her of her mobile phone. As a result, the two parties fought in a group. The scene was in chaos. Xiao Yun called Zhou Rui for help. Zhou Rui had to go back to deal with it. The police station and all cell phones are handed in. Luo Jia couldn’t get in touch with Zhou Rui and was so anxious that he had to go up alone to negotiate with Du Heng. Before leaving, Du Heng quipped that Zhou Rui’s important negotiations were not coming. It was not a gentleman to let her resist the bullets and bullets. Men are not good things.

At the police station, when it was time to eat, the police informed Xiao Yun that she could leave. After Xiao Yun went out, she learned that her boyfriend had told the police that she was pregnant. She was angry that she would lose her job if she let the company know about it. Cao Tianyou wanted to go out early and get close to Zhou Rui.

He hoped that he would allow him a few more days. Zhou Rui would not compromise. He asked Xie Yi to buy a new mobile phone tomorrow, the company reimbursed him, and arranged Fang Wei to take everyone to the hospital for a medical examination tomorrow. Zhou Rui bowed and apologized to his colleagues for today’s matter. Xie Yi stated that although they usually do nothing but do not lose the chain at critical times, everyone agrees. At this moment, Zhou Rui feels that their team is no longer a mess, and everyone’s heart is again. Get together.

Early the next morning, it started to rain heavily when she came out of the police station. Seeing Luo Jia waiting for herself outside the door with an umbrella, Zhou Rui bet she was 46 million yuan, and she was waiting in the cafe for the first few unanswered calls. For myself, the last few items have already arrived at President Du’s office, and the ones that are not followed should have been negotiated. I want to make myself thank her.

Luo Jia didn’t like the feeling of being seen through. Zhou Rui explained that the reason for his missed appointment was Cao Tianyou. Luo Jia got into the taxi with anger and invited Zhou Rui to come up too, but when he saw him approaching, he asked the driver to leave quickly. Zhou Rui, who was soaked in the heavy rain, looked frustrated behind the car and Luo Jia finally let out her breath.

Zhou Rui returned to the company, and everyone was excited to congratulate O&T on the additional investment. Xie Yi took a group photo for everyone with the newly bought mobile phone. Wei Yan passed by and saw this scene with a grudge.

The subordinates reported to Luo Jia that Fast should pay the second payment two weeks ago but it has not yet arrived. Luo Jia was furious when he saw that Mr. Lin had crossed the signing of the contract and warned his subordinates that it was inconvenient. Sort out the process, and check what projects Cao Tianyou and Jieke are cooperating with.

Mr. Chen criticized Zhou Rui for not being able to collect the money and should not lead everyone to fight, but he learned that O&T would make additional investment and pay the advance payment in advance, and his anger disappeared immediately.

When Luo Jia came to Fast Company, Cao Tianyou was asleep. She reminded Cao Tianyou that it was time to pay the second installment two weeks ago. Cao Tianyou is plausible that the second installment of Jetco has been delayed for almost a month. Luo Jia asked him to personally Ask Mr. Lin to explain the situation. When Luo Jia went out, Zhou Rui was already waiting. He was grateful that Luo Jia’s O&T was really the company’s life renewal money. Luo Jia must be invited to dinner, and she will decide where to go.

In the evening, Wei Yan invited Ye Chaodong out for dinner and reminded him that he should inform him about the O&T case. This is the purpose of letting him join Zhou Rui’s team. Whoever feeds him is his boss. In the future, Zhou Rui’s every move and every move of Ye Chaodong Must report to him as soon as possible.

Luo Jia asked Mr. Lin that, according to the company’s regulations, all sales contracts must be reviewed by her, but why the contract of Fast Future Company did not have her signature? Mr. Lin perfunctorily said that the rules can be changed. Luo Jia reported that Du Heng had an additional 46 million yuan. The project was no longer losing money. Mr. Lin was overjoyed and agreed to follow Luo Jia’s rules.

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