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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 3 Recap

Chu Lushan rushed for thousands of miles to the Royal Palace of Beiming. He was loyal and loyal to the slanting edge of the sword. The sky was a lesson. Not only did he warm up Xu Fengnian, he even gave him his own favor, recommending the new oiran to him, claiming that this talent has both skills and is extremely good at swordsmanship. dance. Xu Fengnian could hear the excitement, and first exhorted Xu Longxiang, and then took Nangong Pushe and Jiang Ni to find happiness.

The group of people left one after another, and the lakeside pavilion became quite quiet, allowing Xu Longxiang to concentrate on fishing. Lao Huang lay on a chair enjoying the breeze until Xu Xiao walked from a distance, and then immediately got up. Xu Xiao retired everyone, deliberately distracted Xu Longxiang, talked to Lao Huang alone, and looked at him holding the wooden box in his arms, unavoidably feeling a little bit.

Lao Huang and Jiang Ni are very similar. Both of them can’t escape the fate of destroying the country, but he is much better than Jiang Ni, because he guards himself very well, and a sharp soldier enters the sword box. In the early days, Huang saw things and homesick, and his heart knot remained unresolved. After three years of bleak and desolate travel for thousands of miles, he gradually relieved.

Taking advantage of today’s remarks, Lao Huang hoped that Xu Xiao could bear a testimony to him. From now on, there will be no more swords in the world, and the sword box sank into the bottom of the lake, saying goodbye to the past. Xu Xiao was shocked by this. On the contrary, Lao Huang smiled honestly, like a jar of old wine that has been covered in dust for many years. After years of precipitation, he has his own feelings.

At that time, the Zijin Tower welcomed Xu Fengnian’s patronage, and Gui Gong hurriedly introduced him into the wing. Oiran Yu Youwei is indeed beautiful and has a dusty temperament. Even if she sees His Royal Highness, she is still neither humble nor overbearing. Xu Fengnian came here by taking a risk, ostensibly to see the oiran style and watch her fragrant sword dance “dancing with lover”. In fact, the other party is expected to have other intentions.

Yu Youwei failed to stab her through the dance, and was extremely embarrassed. She angrily rebuked the Xu family for attacking the city and slaughter the people. Just as Yu Youwei wanted to squab herself for death, Xu Fengnian hurriedly stopped and ordered Nangong servant to shoot and find Jiang Ni. Seeing Jiang Ni’s magic rune dagger and her appearance similar to that of Queen Chu, I couldn’t help being shocked. It turned out that Xu Xiao deliberately spread the news that the princess was killed.

After Xu Fengnian returned to the palace, he asked Jiang Ni to place Yu Youwei in another courtyard, and he used this to punish Chu Lushan and flogged him in public, making his bloody and horrible behind him. Soon news spread to the army, and many generals came to see him one after another, but Xu Xiao let Xu Fengnian’s behavior be allowed and ordered not to see him behind closed doors.

With the appearance of Yu Youwei, Jiang Ni also recalled the past, revealing the real reason for her stay in the palace. Thinking back that Xi Chu was defeated and the capital city was captured, the concubines became playthings for other people in the Liyang dynasty to plunder at will, knowing how miserable the end would be. Because of this, Xu Xiao took the lead in sealing the palace gate, and Xu’s imperial palace members died as martyrs, and they were entrusted by the king of Chu to take away the young princess and call him Jiang Ni to raise them by his side.

Now, Yu Youwei understands the truth and puts aside the grudges against Xu’s family a little bit. Xu Fengnian, including Xu Fengnian, is not really lustful. The more than 20 maids in the palace are all innocent. Jiang Ni asked Yu Youwei who caused the assassination, but she didn’t know anything about it, so she stopped asking.

Ning Emei heard the news and rushed to intercede for Chu Lushan. He was completely unafraid of Xu Fengnian’s threat. To put it bluntly, he hoped that he would think twice about the law, and don’t let the army feel cold. Pretending to be angry, Xu Fengnian ordered Ning Emei to be imprisoned and sent Sweet Potato to the gate to pass a message, indicating that if someone still wants to make peace, they don’t need to kneel outside and go straight into the house.

As soon as he said this, the generals looked at each other, and no one dared to offend Xu Fengnian’s brows again. As everyone knows, all of these are tactics. Chu Lushan seems to have made an unintentional mistake, but he set up the game in secret. On the battlefield, he blocked eleven swords for Xu Xiao. This is evident. This time it is a bitter tactic, secretly with Xu Fengnian. Discussed and carried several whips, just to lure the mastermind of the army.

Suddenly, Chen Zhibao suddenly visited with a head in his hand, indicating that he was the ghost who passed the portrait to the remnants of the Western Chu and arranged for the Oiran to enter the Zijin Tower. In fact, Chen Zhibao had already seen through Xu Fengnian’s tricks of killing chickens and monkeys, and also unabashedly broke them down. Since he was given a step, there must be someone who would go down the steps.

Because of his numerous contributions in the Battle of the Nine Kingdoms, Chen Zhibao was deeply supported by the soldiers and civilians of the Northern Stars. It is rumored that the entire Northern Stars Army can succeed Xu Xiao in the military power. He must be him. This is why Chen Zhibao dared to speak against Xu Fengnian in front of everyone. . But in Xu Xiao’s opinion, it is difficult to say whether Chen Zhibao is a stumbling block or a sharp whetstone, but Xu Fengnian’s impression of Chen Zhibao is not good, and he does not agree with his proposal to kill the oiran.

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