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A Little Mood for Love 小敏家 Episode 1 Recap

Liu Xiaomin is the chief nurse of a maternity hospital in Beijing. With her rich experience in breech delivery, she helped pregnant women who had dystocia give birth smoothly. She was highly praised by the attending doctors and nurses. The midwives talked about the patient’s gossip in private, and Liu Xiaomin gave a severe lesson.

Today is March 7th, which is also the 20th birthday of Li Ping and Chen Zhuo’s daughter Chen Jiajia. After Li Ping and Chen Zhuo divorced, Chen Jiajia lived with Chen Zhuo, and Li Ping and the big boss Hong Wei married. Chen Jiajia is not interested in celebrating her birthday, but Li Ping insists on holding a grand birthday banquet for her every year. Chen Zhuo gave Chen Jiajia a necklace to encourage her to review well and strive to be admitted to the ideal university this year.

Chen Zhuo drove Chen Jiajia to Li Ping’s house. The villa where Li Ping and Hong Wei lived was dressed up. Hong Wei came out to greet Chen Zhuo and took the opportunity to show off his career. Chen Zhuo congratulated him and then drove to pick up his girlfriend. Liu Xiaomin got off work and bought her favorite candied chestnuts. Liu Xiaomin fell asleep in a daze because of overwork and dreamed of her son Jin Jiajun. Liu Xiaomin woke up and remembered that she hadn’t video with Jin Jiajun for a long time. Chen Zhuo asked Liu Xiaomin to go home and video with her son first, and then to celebrate their love. anniversary.

Chen Zhuo drove downstairs to Liu Xiaomin’s house. Liu Xiaomin saw his mother Wang Sumin and Jin Jiajun at the door from a distance. Liu Xiaomin lied that Chen Zhuo was the driver of an online taxi ride and hurriedly sent him away. Liu Xiaomin wanted to take Wang Sumin and Jin Jiajun out for dinner. Wang Sumin was anxious to go home to the bathroom. As soon as Liu Xiaomin got home, he hurriedly hid all Chen Zhuo’s clothes and daily necessities. Halfway through, Liu Xiaomin sent a message to Chen Zhuo to take away all his belongings.

As usual, Li Ping invited many relatives and friends to Chen Jiajia’s birthday banquet. Hong Wei gave Chen Jiajia a necklace in public. Chen Jiajia discovered that it was exactly the same as the one Chen Zhuo gave her. Hong Wei used a drone to display a congratulatory banner, which was also set off. The fireworks, Chen Jiajia was ecstatic and wanted to show off in Moments, and the guests were also amazed.

Chen Jiajia suddenly felt uncomfortable and went to the bathroom to throw up violently, and found the two-bar pregnancy test stick that Li Ping had tested. Li Ping then came to see Chen Jiajia. Chen Jiajia complained that she was pregnant without saying a word in advance. Li Ping repeatedly explained. Chen Jiajia didn’t listen at all and wanted to go home in anger. Liu Xiaomin brought Wang Sumin and Jin Jiajun to a very high-end cafeteria for dinner.

She walked around to find out why Jin Jiajun came to Beijing suddenly, and Wang Sumin talked about him. When Chen Zhuo went to Liu Xiaomin’s house to pack his things, he suddenly received a call from Chen Jiajia. He hurriedly locked the door and was about to pick up Chen Jiajia, only to find that the key was left at Liu Xiaomin’s house and the suitcase was still on the sofa.

Suddenly, Jin Jiajun received a call from his father Jin Bo, he hurriedly hid aside to answer, and promised to help Jin Bo ask for money to pay off his debts. Liu Xiaomin asked Wang Sumin again about the reason why Jin Jiajun came to Beijing. Wang Sumin repeatedly claimed that Jin Jiajun wanted to enter Tsinghua University, so he came to Beijing to review in advance. Liu Xiaomin was dubious. Chen Zhuo called Liu Xiaomin to explain the situation and took a taxi to pick up Chen Jiajia.

As soon as Chen Jiajia arrived home, she went back to her room and became sulking. Chen Zhuo huffed her cold and warmed her up with a glass of milk. Chen Jiajia told her about Li Ping’s pregnancy. Chen Zhuo’s painstaking persuasion was of no avail. Chen Jiajia insisted that Li Ping gave it for the money. Hong Weisheng’s child, Chen Zhuo tried hard to persuade Chen Jiajia to accept this reality, and Chen Jiajia just couldn’t let go. Chen Zhuo sent a message to congratulate Li Ping, and then sent a message to Liu Xiaomin to report safety.

After the meal, Liu Xiaomin took Wang Sumin and Jin Jiajun home. She hurriedly carried Chen Zhuo’s suitcase back to the bedroom. Jin Jiajun still saw the suitcase and looked at the book left by Chen Zhuo. Liu Xiaomin had to go in and get it. . Jin Jiajun wants to report to Nengcheng Education’s repeater class. Liu Xiaomin casually asked about Jin Bo’s current situation and asked what Jin Bo said on the phone. Jin Jiajun concealed the facts and found excuses to deal with it.

That night, Chen Zhuo saw that Chen Jiajia was already asleep, so he sent a message to Liu Xiaomin to persuade her to rest early. Liu Xiaomin would take a leave of absence tomorrow to accompany Jin Jiajun. Chen Zhuo wanted to spend a good night with Liu Xiaomin and took the suitcase back by the way. Chen Zhuo drove to the downstairs of Liu Xiaomin’s house. Liu Xiaomin waited for him early with a suitcase. He casually said that Jin Jiajun had borrowed the book. Chen Zhuo remembered his English name on the book.

Chen Zhuo was full of stars and lights in his trunk, and he also took out a large basket of roses and champagne to celebrate the first anniversary of their love. The two sat in the trunk and greeted the wine. Liu Xiaomin thanked Chen Zhuo for coming over the year. Accompanying and taking care of him, Chen Zhuo was also very moved and promised to take Liu Xiaomin to celebrate next year where he really saw the stars. Finally, Chen Zhuo placed the rose at the entrance of the building, and the two reluctantly said goodbye.

Liu Xiaomin got up early in the morning and found the big basket of roses on the table. Only then did he know that Wang Sumin bought vegetables and brought it back in the morning. Jin Jiajun went out for a run and had not returned yet. Liu Xiaomin asked about his sister Liu Xiaojie casually. Chen Jiajia asked Chen Zhuo to take out the invoice for buying the necklace.

She was going to Lankong to return Hong Wei’s one. Li Ping suddenly came to Chen Jiajia aggressively and forced her to apply for a student visa at the embassy. Chen Zhuo learned that Chen Jiajia sent a message to Li last night. Ping stopped going to study abroad. Li Ping refused to accept it and forced Chen Jiajia to go to the embassy with her. Chen Jiajia was so upset that she shut herself in the room even though Li Ping desperately smashed the door.

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