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Fall In Love 一见倾心 Episode 3 Recap

Xu Guangyao still wanted to persuade Tan Xuanlin to join the warlord, saying that in this way, his father Xu Bojun would not only recognize him by phone, but would also recommend him to the army headquarters in the name of Xu family student. “Good birds choose wood and live there”, if Xu’s family is really a good piece of wood, but Tan Xuanlin doesn’t know whether he is a “good bird” or a “fat goose.” The two pressed hard, neither of them regressed.

Xu Guangyao said that Tan Xiulin was allowed to make a choice. In fact, both knew that there was only one way for Tan Xiulin from the Xu family. Xu Guangyao slapped Tan Xiulin on the shoulder repeatedly, indicating that he had better hand over the military power as soon as possible. Tan Xuanlin stared into Xu Guangyao’s eyes, playing with a dart in his hand. As soon as Xu Guangyao’s voice fell, the dart in Tan Xilin’s hand flew over his face and firmly nailed to the wall.

As soon as Xu Guangyao was about to leave, Tan Xuanlin proposed that he was willing to belong to Xu’s family. However, he made a condition that Xu Bojun, while recommending himself, also recommended Xu Guangyao as the supervisor of the Shanghai Defense Command, based in Shanghai, and cooperating with him in acting for Shanghai’s defense. In this way, Xu Guangyao became the hostage of Tan Xuanlin. Of course Xu Guangyao was also aware of Tan Xuanlin’s strategy, but he still agreed.

In this way, Wanqing no longer has to stay in the Tan family as a hostage. Xu Guangyao quickly told Wanqing the good news and asked her to wait for her to come to greet her. Xu Guangyao and Wanqing confessed that they had no other intentions for Mu Wanting, but the current situation was turbulent, and the elders’ opinions would not be violated by themselves. I thought it was a certainty, but now Wanqing came back and broke the situation. Upon hearing this, Wanqing was pleasantly surprised.

Knowing that Tan Xuanlin was about to make three chapters with the Xu family, Wu Xiangying jumped into a thunder, and hurriedly asked Tan Xuanlin Xingshi to ask his guilt. Tan Xilin was calm and relaxed, so Wu Xiangying didn’t have to worry. Now they are barefoot and are not afraid of wearing shoes, as long as they wait for the power to come down, they can do anything. As expected by Tan Xiulin, the provincial governors appointed Tan Xiulin as the commander of the city defense in Shanghai after receiving a joint power from Xu Bojun and Pei Xun, and the commission of the army headquarters was also issued. But the word “protégé” above is an eyesore.

Xu Guangyao personally sent Wanqing back to Mu Mansion, and Mu Wanting showed jealousy when she saw her. Everyone was here, Tan Xuanlin deliberately teased Wanqing and Xu Guangyao, which made Mu Wanting even more angry. She couldn’t care about her identity as Miss Mu, and rushed forward to question Wanqing. Xu Guangyao stopped Mu Wanting and walked home holding Wanqing. Wu Xiangying reminded Tan Xiulin that his suitcase was still with Wanqing. Tan Xuanlin was calm, planning to let Wanqing deliver the box by herself.

Mu Wanting broke into Wanqing’s room, slapped her without saying anything, and asked her why she uttered wild words, that she was Xu Guangyao’s fiancée. Mu Wanting was about to raise her hand again, and Wanqing stopped her, saying that she had no intention of doing this, and asked her not to make an inch of it. As soon as the voice fell, Mu Zhiyuan and Cui Lianfeng came quietly, making Mu Wanting a little at a loss. Wanqing took the lead and panicked that the two sisters were discussing matters.

Xu Bojun intends to file all officers above the division level who are closely related to Wu Xiangying. He wants to find out whether Wu Xiangying is involved in this reversal. But Xu Guangyao had a different view. He believed that not only could it not be filed, but Xu Bojun had better send an official letter to Wu Xiangying, with the date rewritten a few days in advance, and the content was to order Wu Xiangying to assist Tan Xiulin in the defense of Shanghai. Only by making Tan Xuanlin’s appointment as Shanghai commander Xu Bojun’s meaning, can he barely maintain the face of the warlord. More importantly, the revolutionary army is like a broken bamboo.

If Wu Xiangying’s rebellion is investigated at this time, it will inevitably make the soldiers panic. If this development continues, it is impossible to guarantee that there will not be a second Wu Xiangying. Now that Tan Xuanlin had decided to make three chapters with himself, Xu Guangyao just stared at him next. Xu Bojun admired his son’s words very much and reminded him to pay attention to the mistakes of staring at Tan Xuanlin, and grasp his handle in case of emergency.

Tan Xuanlin was looking at Wanqing’s diary, but the owner of the diary immediately called. Tan Xuanlin used the diary as a threat, and ordered Wanqing to exchange it with her own box. Wanqing yelled at the rogue, but she could only do so. When Wanqing came to Tan Mansion, she saw Tan Xuanlin was looking at her diary with great relish, and suddenly fell out of breath and threw the box heavily on the table. Tan Xuanlin did not return the diary, and wanted to make a deal with Wanqing. In the scramble, Wanqing accidentally saw the numerous scars on Tan Xuanlin’s chest, panicked in her heart, and hurried to hide. But Tan Xuanlin kept pressing, and Wanqing had no choice but to agree to him to raise military payments.

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