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The true nobility is the inner self-cultivation

By Han Lei

The nobility of a person does not lie in how much wealth you have, but in the self-cultivation of being a person.

A person’s cultivation base does not lie in what brand you wear or what status you are. It comes from the character and kindness of being a person.

As the saying goes: to be good to others, to be good to yourself; to have a way with others, and to retreat from yourself. Don’t ask for what you want, just ask for a clear conscience.

The road in life is bumpy, and the things you need to face are all kinds. No matter what the future is, you must retain the essence of kindness. As long as you are kind, the world is broad.

As long as you treat life well, know how to give, and treat others with integrity, why not worry about being unhappy? The nobility of life is to live out your own dignity and live out your own personality.

Faced with all kinds of situations in life, the sky is wide and the sky is wide and wide when you look at it with frustration, and with a smile.

Whether prosperous or ordinary, we must learn to face it calmly.

Because life is short, every day is a new starting point, and every day is a new experience. As long as you live every day down to earth, keep your duty, noble, you will always be with you.

Mankind is progressing, society is developing, and everyone is pursuing nobility and simplicity. But the nobility of life, no…

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