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Tag: Philosophy

Artistic innocence

By Ma Weidu The big yellow duck on Kunming Lake in the Summer Palace was crowded with onlookers, and Hoffman, the “father of the yellow duck,” came to the Guanfu […]

Happiness is not easy

By Shuimu Nianhua People have always grown up in stumbles throughout their lives, constantly gaining and losing. Many things are like shooting stars, but surprises are short-lived. When I think […]

Millimetre difference

By Konosuke Matsushita The difference between a genius and a lunatic is only a few minutes. It’s the difference between the minute, but it may cause a world of difference, […]

What is the Mongolian Philosophy?

In early Mongolia, due to low productivity, they did not understand natural phenomena and were dominated by nature, but they did not understand. Therefore, they worship natural objects and worship […]