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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 4 Recap

Yan Yunzhi heard that Dr. Wen was good at detoxification, so he sent someone to the house to ask for it, but to no avail. After learning that Dr. Wen was on the way back to his hometown, he pursued it all the way, and then invited him. Although the doctor Wen was very dissatisfied with Yan Yun’s actions, the doctors were kind, and he still devoted himself to the diagnosis and treatment of Sang Qi. The raindrops are like silver needles, constantly sticking into the hearts of Yan Yunzhi and Zhuo Wenyuan. The instigator didn’t seem to care about this accident. In his impression, he was clearly putting a laxative on it.

After a night of hard work, Sang Qi was finally detoxified by Doctor Wen, but he was still unconscious for three days. Yan Yunzhi suddenly realized that Sang Qi’s poison was exactly the same as Sang Yu’s previous poison, and both had hallucinogenic symptoms. This made him even more worried and insisted on staying and taking care of Sang Qi despite the cold.

Sang Qi woke up once in the middle of the journey, and now he fell asleep again. The maid went out to replace Sang Qi’s body with water. Seeing Yan Yunzhi standing outside the door, she asked him to take care of Sang Qi. After hesitating for a moment, Yan Yunzhi stepped into Sang Qi’s boudoir. Xu Shi’s sleepy people will always reveal their fragility unsuspectingly, and for Sang Qi, his brother is his weakness.

In a daze, Sang Qi seemed to see a figure standing next to him, taking it for granted that it was his elder brother, and took him hand in hand, seeking comfort from him. Yan Yunzhi was a little embarrassed at first, it can be seen that Sang Qi was crying “Brother” softly, and he had to sit down. Sang Qi’s eyes gradually felt the light, and the appearance of the person in front of him gradually became clear. After seeing the looks of the people next to him, Sang Qi looked like a deer who had accidentally entered the forbidden area, and quickly withdrew his hand in a panic.

Knowing that his benefactor Sang Qi was recuperating at home, Yan Yan took the supplements to visit the Taiwei Mansion. Who knew that as soon as he walked in, he knocked down the maid’s water basin. Zhuo Wenyuan arrived and saw that he wanted to explain Yan Yan’s identity with the maid, but after learning that Yan Yunzhi was in the room, he speeded up his pace and walked straight toward the room. Seeing Zhuo Wenyuan’s arrival, Yan Yunzhi didn’t stop much. But after returning to the room, Yan Yunzhi somehow often flashed Sang Qi’s face in his mind. At this time, the always prudent Shiye was in a state of confusion, and his pen and ink accidentally stained the paper.

In order to find out the truth, Sang Qi hadn’t waited for his body to fully recover, so he hurriedly returned to the Imperial College quietly while the maid was unprepared. It was the holiday, the Guozijian disappeared from the past, and Sangqi was able to enter the cold storage smoothly. Although Sang Qi was very confident in her body, she couldn’t help but shiver after entering the cold storage. Suddenly a big hand took her slender arm and easily took her aside. Afterwards, the guard who heard the movement came in to check, but did not notice the abnormality.

After the guards left for a long time, Yan Yunzhi and Sang Qi realized that they were very close and could almost clearly feel each other’s breathing. The two hurriedly pushed each other away, but unexpectedly overthrew the shelf. Because of this, Sang Qi found his own bean sprouts from the dumped food at a glance. Red powder was also found in the bean sprouts, and Yan Yunzhi hurriedly collected it and went out to investigate.

As night fell, there was still no sign of Sang Qi, and the maid was anxious like an ant on a hot pot. Zhuo Wenyuan learned that Sang Qi’s prison uniform was missing, and guessed that she must have quietly returned to the State Supervisor to find out the truth. At this time, Sang Qi, who was trapped in the cold storage, was trembling with the cold, and Yan Yunzhi hurriedly took off his coat and put on her. Sang Qi, whose face turned pale from the cold, was as weak as a kitten who strayed into the heavy rain, but still couldn’t let go of the gambling agreement in his heart, and asked Yan Yunzhi how he could accept his purse. Yan Yunzhi couldn’t laugh or cry, so he had to change the subject.

When Bai Shi came, Sang Qi was already asleep, and Yan Yunzhi had to hug him horizontally. The night was dim, Zhuo Wen saw Yan Yunzhi and Sang Qi coming with a smile from a distance, his heart suddenly became angry, and the smile on his face was instantly solidified by the cool breeze. Zhuo Wenyuan hurriedly returned Yan Yunzhi’s coat, wrapped his arm around Sang Qi’s shoulder and disappeared into Yan Yunzhi’s field of vision.

Soon it came to New Year’s Eve, the streets and alleys were full of laughter, brightly lit and lively. Sang Qi saw Yan Yunzhi in front of him in a daze, so he couldn’t help but put his lips together. But I didn’t expect this to be a dream. When she woke up from the dream, Sang Qi couldn’t help feeling deeply moved. By coincidence, dazzling and gorgeous fireworks rose outside the house, and Sang Qi’s heart suddenly became clear. What she didn’t know was that it was Yan Yunzhi who set off the fireworks outside the house. Perhaps the two of them have an unclear bond in their own minds.

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