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Where’s Genghis Grill?

Genghis Grill

If you come to America, don’t miss it!!

Today, it’s delicious. Let me tell you. Let’s come to taste it a bit far at Genghis Grill, which is delicious and unique. How to be mouthed is up to you.

The highlight of this restaurant are 3 sizes for you to choose from: large, medium, and small, and the price depends on the meal and the branch we dine in. (The branch where the team is delicious, let me tell you, this time is the branch in Alexandria, Virginia).

When you select the desired cup size Then it depends on the abilities of each person. to put how much raw material into the cup size we choose Some people choose smaller cups but can scoop more volume than those who choose large cups.

Station 1 starts with a selection of different types of meat, steak, ham, bacon, chicken, shrimp, shellfish, squid, crab sticks, etc., packed into a cup to the fullest. But have to plan carefully, leave space for other stations as well.

Station 2 will be sprinkled with spices. There are more than 10 types to choose from, such as pepper, curry powder, BBQ, ginger, salt, various types of chili, etc.

Station 3 is a variety of vegetables, carrots, beans, cabbage, mushrooms, fresh peppers, onions, corn, bean sprouts, pineapples and others as you like.

Station 4 is a variety of sauces Not sure what kind of taste? There are small cups and plastic spoons for you to taste first. Teriyaki, Korean BBQ, Pad Thai, Sweet & Sour. The sauce that the restaurant recommends is 3G.

It’s the end of 4 stations where the type and quantity depends on our own scooping. Then the restaurant will let us choose what to eat with the food we choose, such as rice, pasta, or tortilla. Choose as you like. The shop will be the person who put it for us in the right amount. No more skill in our scooping.

The last step is important. In stir frying food on a giant stove with Grill Master to cook for us. using a long stick held in both hands Stir fry food for us fluently, it looks very appetizing and delicious. It is unique to this shop ever.

While Grill Master cooks for us. You can stand and watch or sit back and wait at the table. When the stir-fry is finished, the food will be served to us at the table. Waiting to taste the food that we choose our own ingredients and ingredients. Stir-fry hot from a giant pan.

The state where Genghis Grill branches are located.

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