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Love Under the Full Moon 满月之下请相爱 Episode 1 Recap

Lei Chuxia travels to ten years later

In 2011, on a cold winter night, a super full moon was high above the sky. Lei Chuxia was chased by her fiancé Wei Xuanhe and ran to the back mountain of Tongcheng University. Pushed by the fiance, Lei Chuxia was forced to fall off the cliff. Under the influence of the super full moon, the falling Lei Chuxia disappeared out of thin air.

Ten years later, in 2021, the super full moon once again appeared on the night of the launch of the famous game designer’s new game “War of the Saints”. Under the full moon, the power equipment of the conference was suddenly disturbed. At the same time, the disappeared Lei Chuxia fell from the sky and fell into Xu Xiaodong’s arms in the fine snow. Xu Xiaodong is a genius game designer Winter. He was originally watching his new game conference off the court.

Ten years later, Lei Chuxia lost all memories. She opened her eyes and found herself in the arms of a strange man. She gave him a shot in the face of the man, and then jumped out of her arms and ran away quickly. Xu Xiaodong was confused by this series of magical experiences. At this time, his good friend Jin Xiaorui came to him and told Xu Xiaodong that his aunt Shen Weiwei was in trouble and needed them to save the field. When Xu Xiaodong was seven, his mother was critically ill, and his father died when he was eighteen. When Xu Xiaodong and Jin Xiaorui hurriedly drove to find Shen Weiwei, Lei Chuxia, who had amnesia and wandering on the street, was inexplicably transported to the car, and then was knocked unconsciously by the toolbox that Xu Xiaodong threw into the back seat and was carried all the way to his destination.

After Xu Xiaodong rescued his aunt, the aunt told him that she had found him a job in Yaoyang Technology Company. Xu Xiaodong didn’t tell Shen Weiwei about his identity as a game designer, so he could not refuse his aunt’s kindness and had to agree to go to work. In fact, Xu Xiaodong is not short of money. He even bought the fourth floor of the building he lives in and built his own studio.

The door of this hidden space is his bedroom wardrobe. Xu Xiaodong did not tell Shen Weiwei his identity as a game designer because he was worried that Shen Weiwei would remember the death of Xu’s father ten years ago. Over the years, he has been secretly investigating the truth about Xu’s father being wronged that year, and Yaoyang Technology is also one of his suspects. Going to work at Yaoyang Technology Company is just right to continue his investigation.

The next day, Lei Chuxia woke up from a coma and walked blankly on the street. She was about to approach a stall selling sugar pans when she was suddenly sent to Xu Xiaodong. At this time, Xu Xiaodong was taking a shower in the bathroom, and both of them were shocked when they saw each other. Xu Xiaodong wanted Lei Chuxia to explain, but Lei Chuxia didn’t know why.

In order to verify that Lei Chuxia did not lie, it was indeed transmitted instantaneously, Xu Xiaodong gave his smart butler Turing to Lei Chuxia, and asked Lei Chuxia to go to the location where the transmission just happened a few times, and let Turing collect the data. Lei Chuxia ran a few times, and every time she was transported back to Xu Xiaodong’s home, she was panting with exhaustion.

Turing analysis analyzed the data collected just now, and concluded that the spatial distance between Xu Xiaodong and Lei Chuxia is constantly shortening, and it continues to intensify as Lei Chuxia’s fatigue rises. When Lei Chuxia’s state is stable, the gap between them The spatial distance will gradually recover and extend again. Turing concluded that Lei Chuxia was not unable to leave Xu Xiaodong’s home, but that he couldn’t leave Xu Xiaodong. In desperation, Xu Xiaodong had to take Lei Chuxia to work.

Xu Xiaodong came to Yaoyang Technology Company to formally join the company. After seeing Lei Chuxia in his first birthday, his future leader asked Xu Xiaodong about her identity. Xu Xiaodong lied that Lei Chuxia was his cousin, saying that she could not do without him, and barely got past the first year of life. Zhou Sui introduced his colleagues to Xu Xiaodong, and then asked Xu Xiaodong to go to his office. Xu Xiaodong repeatedly emphasized to Lei Chuxia not to reveal her specialness, and gave Lei Chuxia his mobile phone to play, and then left without worry.

Lei Chuxia played “War of the Saints” with his mobile phone. After seeing this, Xu Xiaodong’s new colleague introduced the game to Lei Chuxia. Speaking of “creating a real life in a strange game world”, Lei Chuxia was touched by his own personal experience, so he sent a private message to Winter in the game.

This day is also the birthday of the female anchor Qin Yue. Qin Yue is the current girlfriend of Lei Chuxia’s former fiancé Wei Xuanhe. Wei Xuanhe promised to accompany Qin Yue on his birthday, so Qin Yue went to his company to find him, only to learn that Wei Xuanhe had gone to give a speech at Tongcheng University. Qin Yue followed to Tongcheng University. Wei Xuanhe saw her but was cold and unwilling to mention the relationship between the two in front of outsiders.

Qin Yue returned home lost and was pleasantly surprised to find that Wei Xuanhe was waiting for her at home. It didn’t take long for Qin Yue to be happy when she realized that Wei Xuanhe came to accompany her on her birthday just to renew her contract, because Wei Xuanhe’s company, Flash Cloud Internet, was about to go public, and the company needed her. Qin Yue felt that Wei Xuanhe was so indifferent to her because he still missed his ex-girlfriend, and the two broke up unhappy.

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