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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 33 Recap

Qi Yan disagrees with Cheng Ruoyu’s risk of assassinating Zhang Jiang. He decides to borrow troops from the Jiedu envoys to quell Lu from the crisis, but he is worried that Qiu Ziliang will stop him. The first emperor gave Qiu Ziliang too many privileges, and threw the mess to Qi Yan. Cheng Ruoyu complained about Qi Yan’s injustice, and Qi Yan was very moved.

Qi Chen completely abolished Cheng Xi’s martial arts, and then rescued her, guessing that she brought Zhang Jiang into trouble. Cheng Xi confessed to it. She wanted Zhang Jiang to send troops to take back the mountains from Qi Yan and return it to Qi Chen. , Qi Chen gritted her teeth with anger, pushed her to the ground, and then sent Yuan Du to stop Zhang Jiang from causing chaos. When Cheng Xi learned that her martial arts had been abolished by Qi Chen, she yelled with anger.

The Qiu Yanzhi sent a rigorous investigation of the genius doctor and determined that he was a righteous person. In fact, the genius doctor Wu was Qi Chen’s junior, and he concealed from Qiu Ziliang that Qi Yan’s injury was getting better. Qi Yan didn’t want Cheng Ruoyu to die with him, and urged her to leave Heng’an City as soon as possible. Cheng Ruoyu was determined not to leave, and she had to stay by her side to protect Qi Yan. Qi Yan promised to last until the day she came back, and Cheng Ruoyu reluctantly agreed. After leaving, Qi Yan worried that Qiu Ziliang would not let her go, so he came up with a good way.

The empress dowager learned from Li Zening that King Saddle was poisoned by Qiu Ziliang. Qi Yan was seriously injured in order to save Cheng Ruoyu. The empress dowager brought Li Zening to Cheng Ruoyu to inquire about her crimes. She cursed Cheng Ruoyu and wanted to know what was in her stomach. Qi Yan had no choice but to admit that Cheng Ruoyu was not pregnant, and the empress dowager ordered Cheng Ruoyu to be expelled from the palace.

Qi Yan watched Cheng Ruoyu be driven out of the palace, he was relieved, Qi Yan urged Li Zening to leave as soon as possible and put on her bow. Li Zening saw that Qi Yan only had Cheng Ruoyu in his heart, so he had to leave disappointed. Qiu Ziliang learned that the Empress Dowager had driven Cheng Ruoyu out of the palace, and believed that Cheng Ruoyu had been ordered by Qi Yan to perform the task. Qiu Yanzhi also guessed that Qi Yan and Cheng Ruoyu were using bitterness to make Cheng Ruoyu send the secret letter. Qiu Yanzhi concluded that Qiu Ziliang would not let Cheng Ruoyu go, so she decided to take this opportunity to start her own plan. That night, the eunuch Gao Ping sneaked into Qi Yan’s bedroom and rummaged around, and found that the soldier talisman was missing. He hurriedly reported to Qiu Ziliang, who sent a right car to follow Cheng Ruoyu.

In the middle of the night, Cheng Ruoyu was dressed as a man and went out of the palace. She had just arrived at the door of Li Deyun’s house and was blocked by Qiu Ziliang. Qiu Ziliang sent someone to search for the charms, but found nothing. Someone came to report to Qiu Ziliang, the Shencai Army barracks was on fire, Qiu Ziliang didn’t take it seriously, and continued to fight Cheng Ruoyu bitterly, Qiu Yanzhi rushed to report to Qiu Ziliang in time, the Shencai Army had a mutiny, and Qiu Ziliang didn’t want a hundred thousand gods. Caijun once again came to power, let Qiu Yanzhi escort Cheng Ruoyu, he hurried to the barracks.

Qiu Yanzhi dismantled Qi Yan and Cheng Ruoyu’s plans in person, and they also pulled Li Zening and the Queen Mother to participate in it. Qiu Yanzhi guessed that the soldiers had already been handed over to Li Deyun by Li Zening, and Cheng Ruoyu had to admire her. Qiu Yanzhi made fun of Cheng Ruoyu’s plan to be too stupid and persuaded Cheng Ruoyu to take refuge in her. Qi Yan took out the Taoyao bracelet the empress dowager gave to Cheng Ruoyu, remembering Cheng Ruoyu who was outside the palace, and could not help but squeeze a sweat for her.

Qiu Ziliang hurried to the barracks and learned from the soldiers who launched the mutiny that their military and food payments had been deducted. Qiu Ziliang killed the general who led the trouble on the spot and promised to pay them three times the military payment tomorrow. The soldiers only agreed. After that, Qiu Ziliang successfully put down the mutiny, Yan Xiuquan hid aside and saw clearly.

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