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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 25 Recap

Cheng Xi came to Qi Yan to discuss the rescue of Liu Misha, and also brought a map of Heng’an City. Cheng Ruoyu analyzed that Cheng Xi would hide Liu Misha in the Ziyi Bureau. Qi Yan worried that Cheng Ruoyu and Cheng Xi would have no way when they met on a narrow road. Choosing, Cheng Ruoyu vowed to block Cheng Xi with his sword and body.

That night, Cheng Ruoyu and Qi Yan came to the Ziyi Bureau in masks. Yu Niang stopped Cheng Ruoyu. Cheng Ruoyu persuaded her not to help Chen be abused and forced her to tell the whereabouts of Liu Misha. Xia Ziyuan came afterwards and explained clearly. Liu Misha was not in the Ziyi Bureau. Suddenly there was a fight with the sword and the sword outside. Cheng Ruoyu guessed that Qi Yan was found, and hurried out to save the people. Cheng Xi learned that the masked man in black was Qi Yan, so he had to put down the sword in his hand, and Qi Yan bitterly asked Cheng Xi to betray him. Cheng Xi accused Qi Yan of being weak and incompetent, allowing Qiu Ziliang to do evil, not worthy of being emperor at all, and her younger brother was the most suitable candidate.

Cheng Huaizhi stood up and desperately stopped Cheng Xi, and hurriedly knelt down and confessed his guilt to Qi Yan. Cheng Xi simply revealed his true identity. Her father was Qi Hu. He was killed because he was fighting with Qi Yan’s grandfather for the throne. Cheng Xi admitted Cheng Ruoyu. Not her niece. Eight years ago, Qi Chen rescued Cheng Ruoyu from the pile of dead people. Cheng Xi saw Cheng Ruoyu’s talent and cleverness, so he took her in. Cheng Huaizhi suddenly realized that he took Cheng Xi back when he was out of the palace. She is a descendant of the Qi family.

Cheng Xi got angry as he talked, and Qi Yan yelled at him. In order to help Qi Yan go to the top, Qiu Ziliang poisoned the first emperor. Qi Yan defended in every possible way. Cheng Xi didn’t listen at all. Cheng Ruoyu and Cheng Huaizhi sent Qi Yan back to the palace. Qi Chen checked the recurrence of Qi Yan’s old injury. In addition to this injury, his vitality was severely injured. Once the wound recurred, he would be unable to return to the sky. Cheng Huaizhi and Cheng Ruoyu All anxious.

Cheng Huaizhi wanted to stay and take good care of Qi Yan. Qi Yan fully agreed. Cheng Ruoyu also wanted to stay to protect Qi Yan. Qi Yan firmly disagreed and deliberately moved out of Li Deyun and Li Zening to piss her off. Cheng Ruoyu vowed not to leave him, and wanted to fight. He lived and died together, and Qi Yan reluctantly agreed to let Cheng Ruoyu think about three things. He and Cheng Xi would meet again in battle. Cheng Ruoyu vowed to be loyal to Qi Yan and Qi Yan would marry Li Zening, and he would never again. Trust Cheng Ruoyu, Cheng Ruoyu agreed one by one, just wanting to stay with Qi Yan.

Xia Ziyuan wanted to find Wang Lin for revenge. She came to say goodbye to Cheng Ruoyu. Cheng Ruoyu persuaded her not to hit the stone with the pebbles, but Xia Ziyuan had decided. Cheng Ruoyu wanted to go with her to find Wang Lin to settle accounts. Xia Ziyuan flatly refused. Cheng Xi came to take refuge in Qiu Ziliang. Qiu Ziliang promised to take her in and asked her about Liu Misha’s whereabouts. Cheng Xi didn’t believe in Qiu Yanzhi, so he sent Liu Misha to Wang Lin.

Yan Xiu sent someone to investigate Cheng Xi’s details and found out that she was taken in by Cheng Huaizhi, Qiu Yanzhi therefore concluded that Cheng Ruoyu’s life experience was also false. Qiu Yanzhi analyzed that Cheng Xi sent Liu Misha to Wang Lin to hide, and she sent Yan Xiu to investigate. Li Zening gave Qi Yan a sedan chair, and flew a kite with Qi Yan to relax. Cheng Ruoyu stayed beside Qi Yan every step of the way. Qi Yan suddenly coughed. Cheng Ruoyu hurried over to ask for warmth. Li Zening was not allowed to let Qi Yan fly the kite again. Qi Yan didn’t buy it, and forced Cheng Ruoyu to apologize to Li Zening. Li Zening also thought Cheng Ruoyu was an eyesore and forced her away.

Li Zening took care of Qi Yan carefully, mistakenly thinking that Qi Yan finally chose her. Qi Yan made it clear that the two of them were acting every time. Li Zening moved out of his father Li Deyun to talk. Qi Yan did not appreciate it. The person he trusted most was Cheng Ruoyu. , So I dare not let her get too close.

Cheng Ruoyu quietly came to the door of Wang Lin’s house and saw Qiu Ziliang coming to Wang Lin from a distance. When Qiu Ziliang wanted to see the girls that Wang Lin had robbed, Wang Lin hurriedly took him to the secret room. Qiu Ziliang recognized Liu Mi among them. Sha, Wang Lin was frightened and panicked. He didn’t know how Liu Misha came to him. Qiu Ziliang asked him to take good care of Liu Misha and took all the other girls away.

Cheng Ruoyu hid aside and saw clearly. She just wanted to see what happened when Xia Ziyuan suddenly appeared and took her to the secret room to find Liu Misha. Liu Misha was locked up in an iron cage and was drugged by Cheng Xi in advance. The two of them split up to find the key to rescue Liu Misha. Wang Lin was having fun, Cheng Ruoyu pretended to be a maid serving him tea and pouring water, Xia Ziyuan set a fire in the backyard, and Wang Lin hurried to check after hearing the news.

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