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Wei Tuotians of the Steady Generation

Wei Tuotians of the Steady Generation
Other Name: 平稳世代的韦驮天们, Ping Heng Shidai の Wei Heng Tianda, 平穏世代の韋駄天達

Genres: Anime, Fantasy, Adventure
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The TV cartoon “Wei Tuo Tianmen in a Steady Generation” is adapted from the original work of Tian Yuan and the comics of the same name painted by cool believers. The news of the animation was announced on August 11, 2020. The film is produced by MAPPA and will be broadcast on Fuji TV in July 2021.
“Wei Tuotian” × “Devil” × “Human”, the forbidden battle royale that the world does not know about now begins- after a fierce battle, with overwhelming speed and powerful and proud fighting gods “Wei Tuo” The sky sealed the “Devil Race” that caused the destruction of the world, and 800 years have passed since then. Today, “that battle” is nothing more than a legend in a distant myth. The “stable generations of Wei Tuotians” who have never fought since their birth are enjoying a comfortable life. At this time, no one knows who has resurrected the demons from their long slumber-force, intelligence, politics, conspiracy, in short As long as it is something you can use, take it out! No rules & unlimited three-way battle royale starts now! !

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