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Broker 掮客 Episode 1 Recap

U.S. In a calm as usual city, a certain hotel is undergoing a thrilling action. Zhou Xiaoshan and Molly’s “siblings” cooperated tacitly and successfully obtained the target USB flash drive, and Qiu Jianing, who was almost hit by Zhou Xiaoshan, An episode. This task was not assigned by Uncle Cha. The reason why Zhou Xiaoshan desperately got the information was because they were doing business in the name of charity to sell and sell people, and they had to be exposed.

Qiu Jianing aggressively took her paper and came to the laboratory to meet Professor Harry. Her paper was published but was signed by Professor Harry’s name. Besides, this is only a first draft, and it will only be laughed at when it is sent out. Professor Harry said that this was the rule all along. He could see that Qiu Jianing was unconvinced, but without him, a person with black hair and yellow skin would not be able to publish a paper in an authoritative organization like Healing.

Qiu Jianing was irritated, sarcastically that he could only plagiarize and stabilize her position, and she could not accept Professor Harry’s words that discriminated against the Chinese. Qiu Jianing asked the professor to apologize to her, but Professor Harry disagreed and even threatened her with her visa. Qiu Jianing turned around and left, she wouldn’t work with such a person.

Domestic, source planning laboratory. Susie and Sun Lei learned that the company had recruited two newcomers from overseas, and they were about to take up their jobs. One of them was Qiu Jianing. After landing, Zhu Zhulai, the administrator of the Yuan Project Laboratory, picked her up. Zhu Zhu brought Qiu Jianing to the Yuan Project Lab. She was assigned to the Susie group. As soon as Qiu Jianing came up, she asked when she could work. Colleagues were very curious about Qiu Jianing, who was a bit cold and mysterious.

Zhu Zhu also told Weiwei that her salary was higher than her and asked her to have a snack. Susie asked Weiwei to take Qiu Jianing to find out about the dormitory, but Weiwei was a little reluctant. At the same time, Zhou Xiaoshan also received a phone call from Zhu Zhu. The other person that Yuan planned to enroll was him, but he is still abroad. Zhu Zhu looked at the photo on Zhou Xiaoshan’s resume and became idiot. Finally, a handsome guy came, and she was motivated to work!

Weiwei took Qiu Jianing to the staff dormitory, and all the dormitories provided by foreigners to non-local employees are top-notch. Susie intends to give Qiu Jianing a little bit of the experiment on Weiwei’s hand. Weiwei is obviously unwilling, and Susie said she has her own plans. Zhou Xiaoshan learned all the materials in the Yuan Project Laboratory with a super unforgettable memory.

Qiu Jianing learned that the Source Project can bring Chinese scientific research on the world stage, and since it is a Chinese experiment, it must first benefit the Chinese. Qiu Jianing asked Weiwei for information, but Weiwei ignored it. In the pantry, Li Chunran answered Qiu Jianing’s doubts very kindly. Qiu Jianing realized that he might have done something wrong.

Li Chunran said that she was like this. After all, Weiwei is the confidant of Su Qian’s group, and Qiu Jianing’s arrival will definitely affect her. Shipping costs abroad and express delivery is very slow, but Qiu Jianing, who has just returned home, is obviously not very comfortable with the convenience of the motherland. Sister Qiu Jiaxin asked Qiu Jianing to help translate a document. Qiu Jianing noticed that this was an application for film and television school and made a special call. Qiu Jiaxin said that her friend asked her to ask.

Zhou Xiaoshan returned to China and took the same bus with Qiu Jianing. When she discovered that the journal Zhou Shan was holding was the cover of Professor Harry, Qiu Jianing inevitably thought of his words. Zhou Xiaoshan formally entered the job and was assigned to the Sun Lei group. Zhou Xiaoshan’s undergraduate and doctoral degrees are outstanding. Sun Lei asked Zhou Xiaoshan what he thought of Professor Harry’s newly published paper.

As soon as Zhou Xiaoshan was about to answer, Su Qian brought Qiu Jianing to see Sun Lei. Zhou Xiaoshan thinks that Professor Harry’s point of view is unique, but there are still some flaws. Qiu Jianing agreed and pointed out the details, but was taken away by Susie before finishing speaking. Zhou Xiaoshan’s remarks also impressed her deeply.

Qiu Jianing thinks that Weiwei is hostile to her. She came here for work and not to intrigue, but Su Qian told her that the adult world should learn to deal with interpersonal relationships, not to mention that Qiu Jianing did not have the right to speak on such occasions. Why do you want to publish as she said. Qiu Jianing was stubborn, and Su Qian was speechless for a while. It may be that Qiu Jianing didn’t understand the domestic society for more than ten years.

Su Qian told her to talk less and do more and let her go out. Qiu Jiaxin bought milk tea for the patient Zhang Uncle Zhang, which caused Uncle Zhang’s condition to worsen. It was her teacher Qin Bin who discovered the problem in time and rescued Uncle Zhang. However, Qiu Jiaxin was scolded by Qin Bin pointing her head, making her angry. I don’t want a bachelor’s degree anymore. Qiu Jianing was not accustomed to domestic payment methods, and Zhou Xiaoshan paid for her. Qiu Jiaxin ate and cried aggrievedly because of being scolded by Qin Bin.

Zhou Xiaoshan’s adaptability is obviously better than Qiu Jianing. Speaking of the incident in the morning, Zhou Xiaoshan said that he still has one of the biggest doubts. This paper is not valid at all. Qiu Jianing froze for a moment. His cognition is the same as hers. Formally met. Zhou Xiaoshan is a Ph.D. from McKeeton University, and Qiu Jianing is a Ph.D. from Lederer University. After graduation, he was engaged in research in Harry’s laboratory.

Zhou Xiaoshan didn’t understand why the experimental conditions there were so good, why he wanted to return to China, Qiu Jianing did not answer. The two have just arrived and can only do some work in the group that can be done by middle school students. When Weiwei noticed that the two were together talking and laughing, she quickly ran to file a complaint. Susie felt that she should call Qiu Jianing better.

Uncle Zhang told Qin Bin that Qiu Jiaxin didn’t give him anything he shouldn’t eat. Yesterday he wanted to drink milk tea, because he had diabetes and couldn’t drink it. Qiu Jiaxin gave him a cup of oatmeal paste, and Qin Bin realized that he had blamed Qiu Jiaxin. Su Qian reminded Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan to keep a certain distance, they belonged to different groups. Qiu Jianing did not understand why this was, saying that Susie had no right to interfere in her private life.

The reason why Susie had this concern was because she had suffered a loss before, and she really did not have the right to interfere in Qiu Jianing’s private life, she could only say what she should say. Zhou Xiaoshan found that he could not view the high-level authority information, and only the group leader could access it. Li Chunran mentioned that Susie’s authority might need to be increased.

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