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After the room reversal and win the next

After the room reversal and win the next
Other names: 继室逆转胜 下, Jishi reversal wins the next
Author: Tea Sanshan
Genre: Novel
Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing


He is invincible on the battlefield. He is a well-known prince who is loved by the people. But he still has a handsome face. Even the foreign princess wants to commit himself. He has come all the way. Fortunately, she has the foresight and has taken the seat of the princess.

Be steady… Heng Jiang understood in his heart that with Yan Wang Ji Mingxuan’s skill, it was fine without her to rescue him at all, but she understood that she did indeed save him and was injured. Don’t fall for it!

As the saying goes, life-saving grace is not repaid, and you have to be a cow to repay it.
Originally, she was not such a shameless person, she had to force others to repay her favor, but now she was forced to marry by her elder mother. , I really can’t think about it, I can only beg to him with the courage, she does not want gold and silver, not glory, just ask him to marry herself as a successor, protect her for life, okay?

I thought it was whimsical. After all, he refused to continue for many years, but he didn’t expect it to be in the end! Afterwards they love each other dearly, with his patron, even uncle when she can not move toward the prime minister, and he marry her not only Wei Fei, Yan also said that in the past there are no side of the Princess Palace, in the future there will not be, for the table really He even asked the emperor to publicly promise that he would not reward any woman in the future. If a husband loves and protects her so much, she will be able to reverse the tragic fate of her previous life in this life and move towards victory!


Reversal and Victory Chapter 1
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