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Homeraretai Boku no Mousou Gohan (2021) ホメられたい僕の妄想ごはん

Homeraretai Boku no Mousou Gohan (2021)
Other Title: ホメられたい僕の妄想ごはん, My Imaginary Meal to be Praised, Home Raretai Boku no Moso Gohan

Genres: drama
Hariu Yuji
Kishimoto Ayuka
TV Tokyo
Release Date:
July 10, 2021 – Sep 11, 2021
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  • Takasugi Mahiro as Wada Masao
  • Ono Karin as Ayukawa Tomoko
  • Fukuyama Shodai as Ichikawa Aoi
  • Naito Shuichiro as Mitooka Eiji
  • Natsuko as Fujisawa Tamaki
  • Yamasaki Jun as Nagata Takashi

Wada Masao who works at an electrical manufacturer on weekdays and plays the bass in a band on weekends; having been single for the past 3,000 days, Wada sets out to create delicious dishes for his non-existent girlfriend in his imaginary world so as to earn her praise.

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