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Peaceful Death (2021) 痛くない死に方

Peaceful Death
Also known as: Peaceful Death, How to Die Without Pain, Itakunai Shinikata, 痛くない死に方

Genre: Drama
Banmei Takahashi
Kazuhiro Nagao (novel), Banmei Takahashi
Release Date:
February, 2021
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  • Tasuku Emoto as Jin Kawada
  • Maki Sakai as Tomomi
  • Kimiko Yo as Haruna Nakai
  • Naoko Otani as Shigure Honda
  • Ryudo Uzaki as Akira Honda
  • Eiji Okuda as Kohei Nagano
  • Shiro as Toshio Inoue

Jin Kawada is a doctor, who provides home medical care. He is very busy with his work and has little time left to spend with his family. Jin begins to treat terminal lung cancer patient Toshio (Shiro). Toshio’s daughter Tomomi (Maki Sakai) wants her father to live the rest of what little time he has left without pain, rather than receive prolongation treatment with pain in the hospital. One day, Tomomi calls Jin for help when her father’s condition worsens, but Jin advises her to just follow his instructions. Toshio dies in pain, which is what his daughter wanted to avoid. Tomomi blames herself in front of Jin Kawada and wonders if she should have kept her father at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Jin Kawada turns to Dr. Kohei Nagano for advice on his treatment of Toshio. Doctor Kohei tells him that Toshio probably had a secondary condition that led to his death and believes Jin Kawada should have checked Toshio himself. Jin Kawada blames himself for his misdiagnosis.

Jin Kawada begins to learn under Kohei Nagano the differences between treatment at a hospital and a home physician. Two years later, Jin Kawada treats Akira (Ryudo Uzaki), who has terminal lung cancer. This time, he deals with his patient in a completely different manner.

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