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What is a Distributed Ledger and how is it different from Blockchain?

Distributed Ledger is a distributed storage technology. It is a database that can be accessed at the same time from multiple locations with multiple participants. However, most companies still use a centralized database. (Centralized) with a certain position

But the difference with Distributed Ledger is that it is a decentralized database. (Decentralized) that allows network members to exchange information, process, verify or authenticate transactions without having to go through an intermediary.

Usually, the records Any incidents resulting from these activities will be stored in Ledger after a consensus or consensus is passed from the parties involved. The adoption of Distributed Ledger has also helped to reduce cyber-attacks and financial fraud.

The ‘Blockchain’ is just a type, or part of Distributed Ledger, where Blockchain is designed to record digital transactions or collaboration. It brings the efficiency, transparency and added security that are so much needed to businesses. until becoming more and more popular At present, as we have seen

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