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5 good reasons why you should be a follower before becoming a leader

Take steps to make yourself a better follower. It could be the path that led you to become a leader.

The concept of roles, duties and success powers of followers. It often varies from group to group, but at times the success of followers is often not fully realized. This trend reflects the importance of modern culture in the need for leadership. that caused the disregard of the inconspicuous duty of the follower

As leaders celebrate their achievements all over the world. In fact, that Followers are the ones who clearly make the difference between explorers and pioneers. The purposes are presented below. It provides insights into what makes good followers. and lead to good leadership as well

  1. Followers practice making decisions regularly.

An image that imagines the boundaries of a “follower” in the mind may be seen as a picture of someone who has to constantly obey. But a good follower is someone who is driven to think independently, rather than simply waiting for instructions from others.

duty of the follower is to strengthen the company or organization Especially according to orders only if it is seen as an ethical and proper practice. Therefore, it is imperative for the followers to practice their intelligence in making decisions. Distinguish between opposing commands. with what is really wrong

objection, argument in a reasonable way It’s a way of being a good leader. which this property It is important to have good followers.

  1. A good follower is an invaluable member of the team.

In addition to practicing decision-making Followers should also develop an instinctive personality. A good follower will bring creativity to your relationship with team members, including managers.

If they agree with the orders that are directed down It will revert back to the manager 100% if they disagree. A good follower must know how to oppose that order. By offering potential alternatives to help organizations achieve their objectives.

such proactive involvement It is like cultivating a person’s morality. elevate followers from the original cog-driven Become an invaluable voice to executives for management and other members of the team.

  1. Good followers maintain critical thinking. Not amenable to most opinions

in accordance with what was said earlier. A good follower must be aware of the dangers of most opinions. Social psychologist Irving L. Janis wrote in 1972 that majority opinion refers to the psychological phenomenon in which people strive for consensus within a group. Picking sides based on personal beliefs to curate opinions from others in the group.

Most of the time, we tend to end up agreeing with the majority of opinions. For reasons of concern that the objection might affect the unity of the group or cause it to be rejected by other members. It can be seen from the situation in the workplace. that agreed upon the opinion of the supervisor It is often more accepted than objection, offering a different opinion.

A good follower should be qualified to express independent opinions based on experience. as well as the strong power to drive enthusiastic opinions and make the best decisions as a group member.

  1. A good follower is a good worker.

In order to fill in the parts mentioned above And in order to be able to carry out their duties seriously, good followers are people who are diligent, enthusiastic, focused, and pay attention to details. and have the patience to strive for what is called duty Organizational managers and leaders are responsible for creating an environment that fosters the quality of these followers, creating followers’ enthusiasm for fostering the activeness of team members.

good follower quality All of these things are like good work ethics. This is a very useful feature in defining functions.

  1. A good follower shows the characteristics of a good leader.

being a good follower How to lead to a good leader? When a follower transforms into a leadership position They will know the answer, “Why would anyone want to be my follower?”

A leader with a strong “follower” background is a leader with the following attributes:

trust trust

A leader based on being a follower first. Tends to be transparent with the team To inspire and drive the team to the next level. Leaders like this share bigger challenges, obstacles, and goals with their team. This fosters a sense of belonging to the process. In turn, the team will feel credibility and trust. They deserve their best intentions.

be stable

A leader based on being a good follower Has the ability and experience of not showing signs of shock. and instilling in those around them to feel confident


Being in the position of the first follower These leaders appreciate that people are wealthy. and demonstrates earnest compassion for his followers when faced with difficulties.


upgrading The leader has the unwavering conviction and belief that not only his products are successful. But this success must also include the whole team and the betterment of society as a whole.

All of the above reasons showed that Why you should strive to be a good follower before stepping up to a leadership position Equip yourself with the skills to tackle the challenges that may await you in the future.

What qualities should a good leader have?

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