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“Metaverse”, technology to create a virtual world with golden investment opportunities

One word is often mentioned during this period. It is also said that it is the new Mega-Trend of the era with the word “Metaverse”. Even the company of the popular social network like Facebook has announced the name change to Meta in response to this trend, which Metaverse has. The definition of science fiction is that It is a virtual space where humans in the real world will be able to enter and live with the online community through a digital identity To do various activities by simulating details and experiences with images and sounds in real-time through wearable devices that look like glasses as well as being able to control such activities through direct control Considered to break the wall or many limitations such as:

  • Social interactions: It is easier to participate in online events or celebrations such as weddings, retirements.
  • Work: Work together anywhere in the world. through the virtual office
  • Entertainment : Get a better experience from increasing the level of realism to be more involved in various activities
  • Shopping: You can try on clothes. wear jewelry Test out different devices from anywhere before making a purchase through a virtual dummy.

Moreover, in the Metaverse world, there is a need to buy and sell goods and services. including creating value for various products in the virtual world create a virtual economy with an intermediary of exchange that is digital currency or Cryptocurrency that is very important in this virtual space.

Both from the forecast that it will be a Megatrend in the future and from a report from Bloomberg that preliminary estimates that Metaverse-related business growth is expected to reach $800 billion by 2024, representing an average annual growth rate of 13.1%, and there could be further growth. And with the potential for good returns, Metaverse businesses are being watched by investors from all over the world. The related businesses are divided into 3 main groups as follows:

  1. Metaverse infrastructure related to communication systems Electronic components or related to digital asset database
  2. Software and online platforms relating to the forms of activities in the virtual world
  3. Digital products and services whether it is a wearable device or various types of online entertainment media

Even the virtual world is still a small starting point that investors still need to follow. “New opportunities and possibilities,” but in the near future This virtual world would surely become a normal thing in our daily life.

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