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What is the risk? (Risk Management, Human Resources Management)

Risk Management, Human Resources Management (Risk’s Management Of a HRM)

What is the risk?

In general, we tend to look at risk management from a safety and occupational health point of view. The risks are not limited to occupational safety and health only. but the risk It also covers various aspects of the organization’s operations, such as financial risk, operational risk, legal and regulatory risk, strategic risk and performance indicators.

But we don’t just aim to measure that. What are the risks of the organization? and then make a risk prevention plan and only then ends which if your organization is really like that It is equal to that you only have “a piece of paper” to decorate the organization only.   in risk management It’s not just an indication of risk. risk assessment and making a hedging plan, but also focusing on periodic monitoring and review.

The authors prefer an aggressive strategy over a defensive strategy. because the author saw that Prevention is the approach that the organization develops. are ready and move in the direction to achieve the vision and goals mean firmly and carefully   would be more appropriate to fix   but that doesn’t mean The focus must be on the proactive approach only.   In the real world, a reactive approach is still necessary. But when thinking about the fix The author often twitches the idea of ​​executives to look at them in parallel with preventing them. always repeat

Risk management is one of the strategic guidelines for proactive , sometimes unpleasant events that have not occurred. But organizations need to be vigilant and follow up to prevent the unexpected from happening, but if it happens for any reason The organization must always have a plan and readiness to deal with such incidents in a timely manner. Which organization is more ready? The chances of survival are always greater. especially in today’s business competition There seems to always be some unfortunate events beyond our control: global warming, rising oil prices, volatile baht, more cutting-edge technology trends, trade regulations. etc. Organizations that are ready to deal with risk factors have an advantage over competitors.

Risk refers to things or events occurring adverse impact on the object. purpose or goal to deviate to the point of being unattainable uncertain and can happen at any time

Risk according to the regulations of the Department of Industrial Works on the criteria for the identification of hazards risk assessment and the preparation of the Risk Management Plan, B.E.

The risk comes from two factors:

Internal risk factors

  • Financial Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Risk Policy and Strategy ( Policy, / a Strategic Risk’s).

Risk from external factors

  • Regulatory risk
  • Economic and political risk
  • Competitive risk
  • Risks from natural threats ( at Natural Events Risk).

However, it can be seen that the risks are controlled with “Uncertainty (Uncertainty)”, but asked if we can control both internal and external risk factors. to be certain The answer is that we can’t do this completely 100%, but we can at least reduce or control uncertainty to make it less risky. as much as possible and affect the damage to a minimum, such as a shortage of skilled labor (Skill labor) of the factory, it uses outsourcing of labor (Outsourcing) . Training to develop skills coordination with the Department of Skill Development, etc.

In the next chapter, the author will begin stepping into the content of risk management. By focusing on human resource management only . For this reason, the author has created a form for interested people to try to fill in the text in the attached sheet to try to practice. By the author, try to make an example to see as a preliminary first. Read more: Risk Management Human Resources.

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