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Leadership if you want to excel. “It’s a must have”

Today, I would like to talk about Leadership, which has gained world-class knowledge. Let me emphasize this leadership once again. If you’re just starting out, you’re very fortunate to have read the article and know why this is so important. But if you are an experienced worker Currently in the process of becoming a manager Or holding a position of manager, executive, CEO, or even starting to be “your own boss” must turn to study this

Leadership of managers, executives, supervisors, until the business owner can “determine” the future of the company whether it stays or will go. have a glorious future or a downfall Especially in this era with “Diversity” of personnel in the workplace is higher than before, whether it is age, education, gender, experience, etc.

If you want to be a worker or a talented person in the near future. Listen carefully to me why you need leadership. and trained to have a leadership height like those of today’s successful people.

  1. It is he who has to make decisions on important matters that affect effectiveness of the organization

This can be seen from something close to you. From family institutions where some father-led leaders can’t be pillars for the family, drinking, gambling, not taking their day-to-day jobs, children (not all) to being gangsters, van kids, stuff like that. (Not stereotyped) or if you have a bad supervisor. selfish Ensure that the overall team’s performance is not the same as other teams or other companies for sure.

If you look at the world CEO level, such as the CEO of Kodak, who at that time did not decide to take the company into the digital age. therefore being eaten by competitors I didn’t know it again and it was even one of the legendary failed companies of the United States that has it all. That’s why you have to be a smart and insightful leader to make important decisions. with the organization or business that you are doing must think carefully Always assess the risks. And communicate to people in the organization to do what you want that has been well thought out.

  1. Leadership is what influences your team to follow your will and achieve your desired goals.

Many times you are faced with major company events such as investment in new innovations. increase or decrease the number of employees merger listing the company on the stock exchange Change of major shareholder change of management Or even you who are hired or appointed to lead a new company, for example. You will need to use good leadership to build the trust of your employees so that they work according to the philosophy you proclaim. His oral and verbal skills combined with credible information and compelling public speaking throughout the company. They are uplifting and help you work on the effects of change. You too have to make it real.

  1. He has excellent communication and compassionate skills.

The world’s greatest leaders such as Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, etc., have the rhetoric and art of speaking that is captivating every time. makes his listeners and people around him all love him Unlike the leaders of other countries One that lacks rhetoric and good communication skills. Use offensive language or take on the mood in many ways. media design case This leads to a lack of credibility and a considerable loss of critical votes. You need to learn good communication skills. Good communication comes from empathy from learning and experience. Combined with comprehensible listening skills and excellent verbal selection. That’s it, the people who work with you are ready to serve you.

  1. Leaders are those who inspire and emphasize policy change. The manager is the one who plans and controls the policies and enforces them as devised by the leaders.

This is the difference between leadership and a manager position. Good leaders are good at ideas and announcements by communicating well with stakeholders. (Stakeholder) who work together to get to know When there are important policies will always be a leader in preaching but they cannot be without managers. Because a manager (Manager) is a person who takes orders directly from leaders such as executives, CEOs, etc., to plan how to make the words that leaders announce can be true. They have to create a measurable control system. For example, the sales manager takes the policy from the CEO to sell more new products. The sales manager then directs more sales activities with the sales team and measures the result that the proposals are sent. How many new products has the price of a new product, etc.

This is the leadership from a world-class professor that you need to learn and need.

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