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Network pi price

What is Pi netork? What is the Pi coin?

Pi Netork haу also known as Pi Coin is the world’s first cryptocurrency that can be mined on mobile phones. Its popularity in the world today is astounding.

By the end of January 2021, the worldwide Pi coin mining community has reached the 13 million Pioneer milestone. Pi netork is currently covered in 150 countries and territories and is introduced in 32 languages

The father of Pi netᴡork

The three core faces of the Pi netork development team are Dr. Nicola Kokkali – technical leader, Dr. Chengdiao Fan – product owner, and Vincent McPhillip – Pi Netork community leader.

They come from prestigious universities in the world, such as Stardford University and Yale University. Pi coin was founded with the ambition to create circulating money.

So ѕánh Pi netᴡork ᴠà Bitcoin

What is visible now is that the value of pi is almost zero, invested in the belief of one day owning the real money of Pi players. In contrast, on March 5, Bitcoin reached a value of 47,222 USD.

Bitcoin from zero in 2009 is now available on major exchanges. This opens up a good prospect for the Pi. Of course, not sure about the real value that Pi netork brings.

The founders of Pi money have confirmed that Pi mining does not consume resources, reducing environmental pollution with Bitcoin. Pi players lose almost nothing. Because in order to mine Bitcoin, investors must equip a powerful computer to solve the algorithm, which consumes a lot of energy.

Contrary to the entry barrier like Bitcoin, just download the phone mining application, press the Pi mining button. Even after exiting the application, the system still automatically digs. And just 24 hours later, go to the application and press the digging button to take attendance.

How much is the price of 1 pi netork in Vietnam Dong?
How much is 1 pi netork equal to VND

The value of Pi will be backed up by the time, attention, goods and services provided by other members of the network. By pooling attention, goods and services revolve around a common currency.

Currently, according to the price update at coindatafloᴡ.com, the price of 1 pi netᴡork is equal to 1.9632 USD. Based on the exchange rate between USD and VND, we can buy out. 1 pi netork is worth 45055 VND. This number can increase exponentially if the coin pi has a chance to go to the exchange.

How much is 1 pi netork in USD

If the real value of Pi with other cryptocurrencies is being used to buy, sell, and exchange goods and services, the value of Pi will be as low as 0 USD. But in terms of the value circulating in the Pi user network, currently, if you own 1 netork Pi, you will have 1.9632 USD in your account.

Obviously, this amount can beat this number many times in the future. Or in a worse case, the Pi miner worked but lost everything. You should know that no one can get rich just by digging for pi. You can take advantage of your free time to actively mine pi, so you shouldn’t be too busy if you don’t want to be carried too much.

Pi netork ever on the table

As of now, it is not possible to specify a specific time when the pi coin can be traded, as only the exchange can choose to initiate trading. According to an unofficial information post from the online community, the Pi coin is on the table. However, this is a small table. Most likely scams to steal user data.

The future development of pi currency, like other public blockchains, may allow for internal holding and trading of pi. At this time, all members will be able to directly use pi currency to buy goods and services through this underground transaction. It should be noted that this entire transaction is not public, which can involve a lot of risk.

Where to buy and sell netork pi?

The Pi netork team has issued a notice of potential dangers that can arise when trading Pi on the black market. There has not been any verified information about Pi money transactions, so it is possible that these trading activities operate outside the law.

We recommend that you just focus on referring Pi users with your code to be allowed to mine more Pi. Avoid trading activities that have short-term profits but long-term consequences.

How to withdraw Pi netᴡork

The report says the project has 3 phases: Beta, Tetnet and Mainnet. Phase 1 was on March 14, 2019, the launch date of the .Pi Netork application is currently in the Tenet stage starting from March 2020. Currently Pi coin is in beta phase, so it is not possible to withdraw Pi money.

There are two options: Directly buy and sell goods and services with Pi payment with members operating in the Pi Netbank market. Or you can withdraw Pi or exchange Pi for other currencies after the end of phase 2. That is when Pi transitions to the Mainnet stage. At this time, Pi is available on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Transfers or withdrawals of Pi are restricted until mainnet launch because they want to help prevent fraud. For example, users create multiple virtual accounts to mine Pi. Then transfer Pi to the main account to use that nefarious Pi from those fake accounts.

Factors affecting the net pi price

As mentioned, the netork Pi coin is created in an attempt to create circulating value, not as a reserve. So the fact that there are many players in the ecosystem does not affect the value of the pi. It is the attractive policies of the Pi coin that speak to the importance of the Pi price in circulation and transactions.

Is Pi netᴡork a scam?

If Bitcoin players mine individually, then Pi allows new participants to expand the mining capacity. It means that the original player gives another player code, when the new player mines money, the original player will increase an amount of money in addition to the amount of Pi specified to mine in 24 hours.

According to experts, this approach of Pi is like multi-level marketing because it is like direct selling and offers potential incremental benefits to the initial users. That is, the person who initially recruits new people to his group and that new person sells goods, the original person receives a corresponding commission.

Many miners still believe that if they lose money, they will stop playing, without spending anything. The worrying thing here is the disclosure of personal data information, even more confidential information when the project is in a sprint. Absolutely need to be careful when trading Pi on the black market because these transactions will bring a lot of trouble to players.

At this point, it all stops at the analysis based on the data obtained by financial experts. Nothing has been said yet except to warn Pi players to keep their minds clear. Up to now, there have been no official accusations that indicate Pi netork is a scam

Is it possible to trade Pi netork in Vietnam?

Although not yet authorized by Vietnam and not yet recognized for transactions, in fact there have been underground transactions in cash to exchange accounts that have reached the point of being certified by Pi Netbank operator.

The information about the price of 1 pi netork is how much VND and other useful knowledge streams that hope to solve the concerns of Pi players. Be calm and trade Pi netork smart.

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