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How to Get and Use GoPay Coins on Tokopedia, Lots of Discount and Cashback Benefits for you!

GoPay Coins is a universal point system in the form of cashback balances that are given as rewards to users that are obtained after completing a transaction.

For now, GoPay Coins can only be used on Tokopedia. GoPay Coins is an update from TokoPoints on Tokopedia. Where this change will be made gradually on all user accounts. In this article, we will discuss how to get and use GoPay Coins. Just look at the explanation below.

How to Get GoPay Coins on Tokopedia

The following are some steps in getting GoPay Coins at Tokopedia, namely:

1) Add product to Cart. Click Save more using promos.

2) See the list of GoPay Coins cashback coupons in My Coupons.

3) Select a coupon with benefits to GoPay Coins from the list of available coupons. Click Use Promo.

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