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3 Income Planning Methods for Every Lifestyle

We usually hear the term I often “financial planning“, but when I listen to it, I feel “chaotic” or “far away”, otherwise it gives me a headache. because just today “Planning life” is still difficult, almost crazy. whether it is a problem at work The day-to-day arrangements are like they’ve sucked up most of our lives. What other financial plans are you coming to come!

“The first thing we should all do is build our own potential. In order to make the work that we have invested in time and effort in exchange for money to be the most efficient and, of course, to create the potential to work well. Our lives are constantly improving.”

Uh… Calm down. If financial planning is too difficult Because you have to pay attention to income, expenses, savings, investments, the future, inflation, sigh, every time I hear it, my head starts to spin. We recommend that we try to start with a simple method called. “Income planning” is better and @TAXBugnoms believe that the following 3 methods are the way to plan income that will definitely suit everyone and every lifestyle. Well.. don’t wait. Let’s see. So what’s better?

1. Make a plan to generate income from work. to increase one’s own potential

Nowadays, we tend to focus on Passive Income or income that doesn’t have to work but has money to spend. but forgets that the important thing that still generates income for us Is the income that occurs when we use our labor to exchange money like Active Income is important, not playing.

Therefore, the first thing we should all do is build our own potential. In order to make the work that we have invested in time and effort in exchange for money to be most effective And of course, the more the potential to work well. Our lives are constantly improving. Increase both your knowledge and abilities at the same time As many adults have said… If we are unable to take responsibility for our main duties Don’t be too busy with other duties.

2. Split your passive income balance to meet your goals.

Split your passive income balance to meet your goals.

When our Active Income is already in full swing with our potential What followed was to earn an additional channel that is Passive Income that is @TAXBugnoms wrote an article earlier in the section entitled “4-Way Hot Hit to make money work for you,” whether it is. Invest in stocks, mutual funds, real estate or even doing business, etc.

But one thing I want to emphasize is that good passive income must be passive income that best meets our real needs and lifestyle by “true needs” that is “our goals in life” try. Ask yourself first “What is our true goal?” Some people may dream of having hundreds of millions of assets.

But at the same time, many people may dream of just asking themselves to have enough passive income to spend in order to live comfortably for the rest of their lives. Therefore, it is recommended to explore yourself first that “What exactly do we need?” and then look for passive income to adapt to our lifestyle.

An obvious example is Some people who have time to study financial knowledge may like to invest in stocks. But some people who don’t have time from the salaryman lifestyle may turn their attention to mutual funds instead. But some people who can’t take the risk may decide to choose a high-interest fixed deposit. Therefore, we have to choose to adjust to suit each lifestyle of each individual person.

However, do not forget that Passive Income is to generate income without working. Because some people might be trapped with these words. until misunderstood that Going out and doing your own business is Passive Income, but really, as long as we still have to work to earn money. That means we haven’t escaped the Active Income cycle yet.

3. Look for helpers to facilitate income generation.

Although making a plan to generate income in the past 2 items must start from where we are first But sometimes we alone cannot see a way to generate sustainable income. Especially with passive income, looking for helpers to generate income is another important way. And this assistant is not anyone anywhere. Maybe it’s the people around us that we know. Finding information from the Internet and various websites including consulting trusted financial experts It is considered another good option as well.

In the end, all the concepts in planning everything, be it income, expenses, or even financial planning. It has to start with setting the right goals first. Next is ourselves that will lead ourselves to that goal with the intention of every day of our lives. I can guarantee that “The success that we have dreamed of” is definitely not far away.

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