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Alice’s Awakening (Harlequin Bunko)

Title: Alice’s Awakening (Harlequin Bunko) / アリスのめざめ (ハーレクイン文庫)
Author: Violet Winspear


She told him that she wanted to break off the engagement on my behalf–begged by her sister to do so, Alice had no choice but to travel alone to the foreign country of Greece in order to meet her sister’s fiancée. However, when she was resting at the hotel where she was staying, she was kidnapped by a mysterious man disguised as a staff member.

The man’s name is Stephen. A hotel tycoon who holds a grudge against her sister’s fiancée, apparently mistaking Alice for her sister and intends to use her as a tool for revenge. He desperately tries to explain that he’s the wrong person, but she won’t listen, and Alice is taken to a solitary island in the Aegean Sea that he owns…

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