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Cutie Pie (2022) 甜心派

Title Name: my cutie / sugar pie / 我的小可爱 / 甜心派 / 甜心派 / Cutie Pie
Category: Rot drama
Region: Thailand
Year: 2022
Director: Unknown

Starring: Li Haihai New Chawarin Perdpi


Adapted from the combination of two best-selling novels: นิ่งเฮียก็หาว่าซื่อ = CutiePieSeries + ดื้อเฮียก็หาว่าซน

Two sons from different families have been engaged since childhood. One doesn’t want an arranged marriage, the other wants to win him over! , they stayed together until the Kuea family moved to live in England. They separated when Kuea was in primary school and Kuea Keerati lived with her parents in the UK until she grew up. And Gilayn Wang owns a nightclub and runs the family business.

After twelve years, they didn’t know each other well. Every year, they meet for short periods of time.

The story begins with Kuea’s secret return to Thailand. From Kuea’s point of view, Gilayn Wang is very smart, gentle and takes good care of him. He didn’t want to lose Gilayn, he wanted to be the best around Gilayn.

Kuea, who always pretends to be very polite, tries hard to be Gilayn’s cute little brother, because he thinks Gilayn will like him. On the other hand, the real Kuea is pretty cool! Owned a superbike and became a famous drummer on Youtube.

He’s afraid that his true self is not suitable for someone as perfect as Gilayn, that’s why he keeps it a secret…

Unfortunately, Gilayn got the secret by mistake and was very angry. He thinks that Kuea has been fooling him and never loved him. So Gilayn said he never loved Kuea. This left Kuea heartbroken.

They appear to be on the verge of ending the relationship.

Kuea is strong and no matter how sad he is, he wants to move on.

Kuea wants to break off the engagement, but Gilayn refuses!

Gilayn Wang also has his plans.

From now on, Kuea Keerati will see…

Who is the real Gilayn Wang…

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