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Chains Of Heart (2023)

Title Name: Chains Of Heart / 心链 Chains Of Heart / ตรวนธรณี
Category: Rot drama
Director: Unknown
Region: Thailand
Year: 2023

Cast: Rick, Tanawyer, Pampasawat, Saran Sathorn, Tanawacharavi


When a ranger named Torranee gets involved with a gang of illegal smugglers, it leads to him and his boyfriend of over seven years, Ken, being chased for seven years. They were all cornered and fell off a steep cliff. Months later, Ken woke up without a lover by his side. As the years go by, things start to go wrong and someone shows up, and it’s very similar to his former love. Old memories come back and surround him now, and Ken begins to suspect that Torranee isn’t dead and that he might be the one…

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