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Unchained Love 浮图缘 Episode 5 Recap

King Nanyuan had already entered Zhongshan, so Xiao Duo led people to search without stopping. But at this time, another news came that King Fu had entered the palace, and Buyinlou had disappeared. Fortunately, his subordinates found the leaf plaque left by Buyinlou. Based on this, Xiao Duo guessed that the queen must have taken Buyinlou away, and the queen’s intentions in this move were not out of ulterior motives. Cao Chun’ang seemed to see something, and immediately reminded Xiao Duo that the most urgent task is to kill King Nanyuan.

Bu Yinlou was lying in the room, intending to let nature take its course. Unexpectedly, Xiao Duo’s sudden appearance really shocked her a lot. It turned out that Xiao Duo was worried about leaving Buyinlou after all, and stopped Fu Wang before he entered the palace, and changed into his clothes and came to the room. At this time, Buyinlou had already extinguished the aphrodisiac incense, but Xiao Duo still choked on the incense.

The queen learned that King Fu had entered the room, and immediately took people there. But when he opened the door, what he saw was not the expected picture, but only Xiao Duo sitting on the couch with a calm expression on his face. The queen was disappointed, even a little annoyed. She questioned Xiao Duo, she had treated him kindly for so many years, but why did he betray her. Xiao Duo sneered and talked about the past.

The queen once raised a fine dog with white hair all over her body. She treated it very well, and even let it go to bed with her when she was going to bed. And the fine dog is also smart, knowing that only by being well-behaved can the queen love him. But whenever the fine dog shows a little bit of wildness, the queen will order people to beat it hard. But Xiao Duo is not that fine dog. When the Queen heard about it, she was about to lose her temper, so she had no choice but to turn around and leave. But Xiao Duo stopped her and warned her to keep quiet, after all, this is not the place she should come, and advised her to leave the imperial city.

On the other side, King Nanyuan performed a golden cicada escape and escaped successfully. Xiao Duo was angry and impatient, but there was nothing he could do. Just when King Fu came, Xiao Duo reminded him not to act rashly before taking the throne. King Fu was not stupid, he understood Xiao Duo’s implication, and promised him that he would act carefully.

But the queen knew she was losing power, so she had to leave the imperial city temporarily. It’s just that she was a little bit emotional. In this imperial city, everyone is a bird imprisoned, and they report to each other to keep warm. She also waited for the day when Xiao Duo lost everything.

Tong Yun is telling Buyinlou what happened today vividly, but at the moment Buyinlou is full of worries, and his mind is full of what happened in the room today. Although Buyinlou had extinguished the aphrodisiac incense early, Xiao Duo couldn’t help feeling hot all over after being choked. In desperation, Bu Yinlou slapped Xiao Duo across the face. Thinking of Xiao Duo’s furious expression today, Bu Yinlou felt a chill down his spine, and immediately took two jugs of wine to apologize to Xiao Duo.

It happened that Xiao Duo was in a bad mood, so he took up the wine and drank it down. He pulled Buyinlou under a pear tree and told her that the pear tree in front of him did not belong here. Originally there were two identical trees, but the other one was frozen to death, leaving only the lonely one in front of me. Bu Yinlou had a half-knowledge, but could also sense Xiao Duo’s emotions at the moment, so he took out his Yu Daxian to petition on his behalf. Seeing that Xiao Duo was still frowning, Bu Yinlou climbed up the tree and hit the trunk with his body. The pear blossoms were flourishing one after another, like a romantic snowfall, and a smile gradually appeared on Xiao Duo’s face.

Under the impetus of various forces, King Fu ascended the throne as king and became the Long Live Lord of Daye Kingdom. Although Murong Gaogong is a king at this moment, he still can’t figure out Buyinlou’s mind. Inspired by Eunuch Sun, he decided to fast for King Rong. Eunuch Sun also took the opportunity to find Buyinlou and deliberately told her how sad Murong Gaogong was. Bu Yinlou was soft-hearted, so he immediately went to see Murong Gaogong.

Seeing Buyinlou approaching, Murong Gaogong couldn’t help but tell her his heart. He talked about the death of King Rong and recalled his childhood encounter with Buyinlou. Bu Yinlou was a little embarrassed, so he had no choice but to comfort him, instead of reminiscing about the past, it is better to do something to make up for it.

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