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The Blood of Youth 少年歌行 Episode 6 Recap

Master Wangyou warned Wuxin to move forward on his own. No matter what choice he makes, he must remember not to forget his original heart, and don’t look back. Tang Lian and the others arrived at the foot of the mountain on horseback, and found that the golden light in the Dafanyin Temple was the “Leaking Power” among the six magical powers of Buddhism.

When Wuxin came out of the treasure hall, with a wave of her robe, she had already returned to her former personable demeanor, as if she had completely forgotten herself lying on the ground crying like a child just now. Xiao Se and Lei Wujie believed that Master Wangyou was proficient in the mysteries of Buddhism, but there was only one thing they didn’t take into account, and that was the next road, and they walked with Wuxin.

The three of them walked out of the temple side by side, one Shengxue in red had clear eyes, the other Ruxue in white was smiling, and the third was thinking about how to redeem Qianjinqiu. Outside the temple, six men in black lined up holding swords. Zen Master Dajue sat cross-legged on the head, closed his eyes and meditated in silence until Lei Wujie reported himself four times.

Xiao Se and Wu Xin waited and watched calmly, discussing how Lei Wujie broke the formation, but unfortunately the words fell silent, and the six formed an Arhat formation. Wuxin saw the change in the formation, and hurriedly pulled Lei Wujie out. Lei Wujie came back to his senses, and found himself standing beside Xiao Se, who had become Wuxin in the formation.

Zen Master Dajue responded to Wuxin, still sitting quietly and meditating, refusing to open his eyes the whole time. Wuxin turned into a vajra bell to cover the six people, and their pained cries were heard in an instant. If the illusion is not broken for a long time, I am afraid that these people will surely die. Now Zen Master Dajue has cultivated into a vajra body, glaring with anger and full of murderous aura, he slaps Wuxin with his palm, which is exactly the seal of the Great Tathagata with great power.

Tang Lian stopped at the door and did not enter for a long time. She still didn’t know how to make a decision. Fortunately, Wang Rensun gave some advice and made him see clearly what he was thinking. Just when Zen Master Dajue was about to kill Wuxin, Tang Lian showed up to stop him in time. Unexpectedly, Zen Master Dajue became mad, his face was always kind, his face was full of anger, and he made fierce moves with the intention of killing him. enemy.

Taking advantage of his unpreparedness, Wuxin resorted to a technique similar to Huagong Dafa, and also abolished his own cultivation, and named it Compassion and Compassion. In the end, Zen Master Dajue regained his normal consciousness, suddenly awakened, no longer mentioned the past grievances, and left slowly with his disciples. However, just as the immediate troubles were resolved, Wushuang City came to swim in the muddy water, led by Lu Yuzhai and Wushuang.

As Wushuang called out the name of the sword one after another, the four sharp swords flew out and went straight to Tang Lian and the others, fighting with them endlessly. Although Xiao Se was unable to exert his internal strength, he was excellent in lightness kung fu and did not hurt a single bit. On the contrary, the rest of them were more dangerous. Tang Lian, Sikong Qianluo, and Monk Wuchan were a little exhausted after the first battle, and Wuxin even abolished his martial arts. Even Lei Wujie had no chance of winning.

Wuxin stood in the same place blankly, repeating in his mouth that one thought becomes a demon and one thought becomes a Buddha, and suddenly came to Xiao Se’s side, and he was blessed by misfortune to comprehend the art of six powers. Lei Wujie was envious and frustrated because of this. He thought that he was a young hero, and he would be invincible when he walked the rivers and lakes.

In fact, it was okay before, after all, Minghou and Yueji were both famous figures in the world for many years, and Wuxin was purely a martial arts prodigy, which was rare in a hundred years. Only the young man in front of him could control five flying swords at such a young age, causing Tang Lian, the eldest disciple of Xueyue City, to be at a loss what to do. Xiao Se saw that Lei Wujie was depressed, and reminded him not to forget the technique of burning fire, and expressed that this generation’s First place will come out of them.

Since Wuxin was seriously injured, he really shouldn’t fight fiercely, Wushuang took advantage of the victory and pursued, firing several swords at once. Xiao Se noticed that Wuxin had reached the limit, and secretly sighed that it was terrible. Hearing the sound, Lei Wujie rushed forward to block Wuxin’s sword, and it was precisely because of this move that he and Wuxin were completely saved.

Wushuang admired Lei Wujie’s emphasis on love and righteousness, and promptly took back his sharp sword, saying that he would not pursue it today, and hoped that Lei Wujie would become famous in the future and come to compete with him.

When Lei Wujie heard the words, he readily agreed, and Wushuang closed the sword box, turned to look at senior brother Lu Yudi, and announced a formal truce, but Lu Yudi refused to let him go. At the critical moment, a black gold spear descended from the sky, piercing through the sky for thousands of miles, and the long sound of the gun, like the roar of a dragon and a tiger, heralded the identity of the person who came.

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