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Double Love 墨白 Episode 6 Recap

Han Jingmo gave Lu Wanwan his Weibo account number and password, and entrusted her with the future updates of Weibo. Lu Wanwan also opened Weibo curiously to see the latest news, and found that it was some news announced by Li Weiqian again. He made it clear that he would often play small games endorsed by Han Jingmo. Lu Wanwan gossips about whether Han Jingmo and Li Weiqian have had any intimate behaviors, and Han Jingmo also clarifies again that the relationship between him and Han Jingmo is pure.

Han Jingmo brought Lu Wanwan to the company. When he went in to do business, Lu Wanwan was waiting at the door. He happened to see the actor Tao Yichen coming out. Lu Wanwan and Tao Yichen were old acquaintances and hurriedly greeted each other. The two were also very close , but also waited for Zhao Jingxing to come back and made an appointment for dinner. After Tao Yichen left, Han Jingmo came out with a dark face, thinking that Lu Wanwan regarded everyone as an idol, but he didn’t like him.

As soon as he walked out of the company, Han Jingmo directed Lu Wanwan to buy ice cream. Seeing Han Jingmo eating ice cream leisurely, Lu Wanwan wanted to hit Han Jingmo. Han Jingmo saw that Lu Wanwan wanted to eat, so he pretended to give Lu Wanwan the ice cream, but Seeing that Lu Wanwan brought the prepared spoon, he withdrew his ice cream again. Lu Wanwan thought that Han Jingmo did it on purpose, so he went home angrily and ate the ice cream.

In the game, Mo Bai deliberately said that he was Yingge’s person. Lu Wanwan didn’t know it was Han Jingmo, and was curious to find out if Han Jingmo had a girlfriend. The gossip expression made Mo Bai angry, so he didn’t tell Lu Wanwan anything. Everyone said they like Han Jingmo, but Lu Wanwan emphasized that he likes Gu Qiaobei.

But when someone praised Han Jingmo, Lu Wanwan, as an assistant, posted a screenshot on Weibo, but was ridiculed as an assistant’s behavior, not himself at all. Lu Wanwan was so angry that he quickly withdrew Weibo, and was also criticized by several game partners. Laughing at Han Jingmo’s assistant as unreliable, Lu Wanwan was so angry that he gritted his teeth, but he couldn’t refute.

At the shooting scene, Lu Wanwan was a little attracted by Han Jingmo’s appearance after dressing up. Thinking that when he saw Han Jingmo’s handsome photos before, he began to regard him as an idol. Li Weiqian also took the initiative to say hello to Han Jingmo, but Han Jingmo also He left without going back, leaving an embarrassed Li Weiqian behind.

Han Jingmo didn’t want to have too many opportunities to get in touch with Li Weiqian, and even asked Lu Wanwan to take over the position, and let everyone see Lu Wanwan’s shining point. After the filming, Li Weiqian offered to invite Han Jingmo to dinner, Han Jingmo immediately refused, but took the initiative to drag Lu Wanwan to dinner, Li Weiqian was so angry that she stomped her feet.

During the meal, Lu Wanwan also talked about Han Jingmo’s injury last time. She was very anxious, but this sentence made Han Jingmo happy. Seeing that Han Jingmo couldn’t eat some food, Lu Wanwan felt pitiful, but the food Don’t waste it, it all went into Lu Wanwan’s stomach.

After Lu Wanwan went back, she imagined that she would play the role of the coach reprimanding Han Jingmo in the slam dunk. Thinking about Han Jingmo being kicked in the head, she couldn’t help laughing. At this time, I received a call from Gu Qiaobei. Han Jingmo had drunk too much, and asked Lu Wanwan to pick him up. When he arrived at the place, Lu Wanwan saw Han Jingmo’s drunken appearance. After asking, he found out that Han Jingmo wanted to find Lu Wanwan When filming, I drink with others. Since I don’t eat much, I drink a lot and drink too much.

Lu Wanwan took Han Jingmo back with great difficulty, and put water to take a bath. When Lu Wanwan went out to answer the phone, Han Jingmo, who was drunk, fell into the cold water. Now he woke up a lot, and looked out the door with hatred Lu Wanwan even put cold water on him for a bath.

After Han Jingmo came out, he accidentally saw that Lu Wanwan’s phone screen turned out to be Gu Qiaobei’s photo. He was dissatisfied that Lu Wanwan liked Gu Qiaobei and disliked him, and forced Lu Wanwan to change the phone screen photo. Lu Wanwan looked like He is like a child, so he agreed to change the photo.

The next day, Lu Wanwan teased Han Jingmo like a child. I really regret not recording that appearance for Han Jingmo to see. Han Jingmo was angry that Lu Wanwan said he was a child, so he approached Lu Wanwan. He was so scared that Lu Wanwan left quickly, his heart beating faster. .

Mobai invites Chihe to do the heart mission, and also formally confesses his love to Chihe in the game, letting him choose whether he is a lady or another lover. Hearing Mo Bai’s confession, many people cried out that they were broken in love.

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