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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 31 Recap

Gao Xinyi ran away from home and went to Xu Banxia’s place. She was always hungry when she was pregnant, and she ate while crying, fearing that she would become a pig’s head. Tong Xiaoqi couldn’t persuade Gao Xinyi, and Gao Yuejin couldn’t persuade him even more, so Xu Banxia could only persuade him first. Wang Quan sent Xu Youren to Yuehu Community, and then waited outside the gate.

When Xu Youren arrived, Banxia was cooking noodles for Gao Xinyi, and had no time to talk to Xu Youren, so he asked Xu Youren to sit there and chat with Gao Xinyi. Chatting and chatting, talking about when Banxia’s mother was pregnant with Banxia, ​​it can be seen that Xu Youren really loves Banxia’s mother, and is looking forward to Banxia’s arrival.

After hearing what Xu Youren said, Gao Xinyi seemed to be relieved suddenly, and he stopped eating noodles, and opened the door and said that he was going to the hospital. After Gao Xinyi left, Xu Youren remembered to tell Ban Xia an important thing, that is, Wang Quan came back, and he already knew that Ban Xia lived in Yuehu Community. As a father, he was worried that Wang Quan would trouble Banxia, ​​so he took out his passbook and asked Banxia to use the money in the passbook to change a house. Immediately, Banxia called Tong Xiaoqi to say that Gao Xinyi had gone to the hospital and that Wang Quan was back. While driving, Tong Xiaoqi called his brothers to find Wang Quan, hung up the phone and told Gao Yue to go to the hospital.

When they came to the hospital, Tong Xiaoqi and Gao Yuejin were very worried. Unexpectedly, Gao Xinyi had changed her mind. She wanted to keep the child and not go to study abroad. Tong Xiaoqi promised her that the transportation company would do a better job. Tong Xiaoqi’s brother found Wang Quan’s residence, which was located in the village in the city.

Tong Xiaoqi accompanied Banxia to find Wang Quan to end the matter, but Wang Quan didn’t care about the money she gave. To take revenge on Xu Banxia, ​​they slammed into the wall like crazy, and then they sent Wang Quan to the hospital, because this was Wang Quan’s personal self-harm, so the case could not be filed at the police station.

Tong Xiaoqi also followed her for a whole night, and Banxia urged him to go back to accompany Gao Xinyi. She took two people and went to the hospital to find Wang Quan, but he had already been discharged from the hospital and went to Wang Quan’s residence, and there were already people there. Walk empty. Soon after, the first phase of the new steel plant was completed and ready for use.

Ban Xia ate hot pot outside with several backbones of the company, including Su Guodong and his girlfriend, as well as Su Guoliang and others. Before they finished eating, Ban Xia planned to return to the company without asking Su Guoliang to send her off. Wang Quan seized this opportunity, followed Ban Xia by car, and waited for an opportunity to crash the car, forcing Ban Xia to get out of the car.

Banxia wanted to escape, but was hit on the head by an iron rod thrown by Wang Quan. She only glanced at Wang Quan a few times before she fainted. Later, the workers found Xu Banxia and Wang Quan and called the police. Wang Quan was arrested and sent to the detention center, and Banxia was also sent to the hospital. Zhao Lei hurried to the hospital, and Ban Xia told him that he did not want to sue Wang Quan.

After being beaten up by Wang Quan, Ban Xia suddenly felt a lot more relaxed, and finally she didn’t have to bear the guilt anymore, Wang Quan was also released, and Zhao Lei accompanied Ban Xia to see him. Banxia finally repaid his grievances with virtue and gave him a card. He still hoped that Wang Quanneng would let go of this matter.

After Banxia left in the car, Wang Quan cried out in the back, muttering to himself, in fact, if he really wanted to do something to Xu Banxia that night, he couldn’t wait for others to rescue her. Banxia’s steel mill is in full swing, and the business is also entrusted to Qiu Bizheng.

Qin Fangping and Zhao Lei’s company are rivals. He wants to bribe Qiu Bizheng to get the opportunity to cooperate with Banxia Company. Qiu Bizheng did not accept bribes, so he called Ban Xia to ask her opinion on the spot, and Ban Xia agreed to meet Qin Fangping. She trusted herself so much, but Qiu Bizheng’s face became serious.

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