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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 28 Recap

Qiu Bi just talked to Wu Jianshe, but in the end the talk with Wu Jianshe broke down. Wu Jianshe even threatened him. Qiu Bi was completely chilling him and went to see Guo Qidong in prison again. Guo Qidong helped him find a way, and introduced friends from the TV station and taxation experts to Qiu Bizheng. Since Wu Jianshe said he wanted to investigate Qiu Bizheng, Guo Qidong said that Qiu Bizheng could also investigate him.

He did not believe Wu Jianshe for so many years. No problem at all. When Gao Yue came in to meet Tong Xiaoqi, he originally wanted to persuade him to think about getting married again, but seeing that Tong Xiaoqi had already made up his mind like Gao Xinyi, he stopped persuading him and told them to get along well after getting married. ,Mutual tolerance.

At the request of Qiu Bizheng, the staff of the TV station took video evidence of the construction of the steel plant’s sewage sewage. Qiu Bizheng requested that without his permission, these materials must not be broadcast. Qiu Bi is throwing Wu Jianshe’s account book in front of him, demanding that he return 20 million within ten days, otherwise don’t blame him for being cruel.

At the end of the year, Tong Xiaoqi and Gao Xinyi got married, and Gao Yuejin personally handed over his daughter to Tong Xiaoqi. With the blessings of everyone, the couple embraced and got married under fluorescent lights. Gao Xinyi also asked Banxia to come up to pick up the fireworks. Although Banxia went up, he had no plans to pick up the fireworks. After the wedding comes the millennium and everyone is happy.

Zhao Lei will fly back to Beijing in a few hours, Ban Xia is alone with him, and they watched the first ray of dawn of the new century together, the situation was good, but Ban Xia broke up with Zhao Lei. Their personalities are too similar, and they will not change for each other, after all, they are not the same. Although Zhao Lei was very sad, he still accepted the result calmly.

Later, Ban Xia sent Zhao Lei to the airport, and the two remained friends after making an appointment. When checking in for the plane, Zhao Lei recalled many good memories with Pinellia. Pinellia in the car was also caught in the memory, perhaps it was the strong feeling of not letting go, which prompted her to turn the car and go to the airport.

The same goes for Zhao Lei, he took the boarding pass but ran towards the exit, anxiously looking for a taxi, when Xu Banxia’s car drove over. She got out of the car and hugged Zhao Lei fiercely. They both regretted the decision just now. Zhao Lei also took out the ring he had prepared a long time ago to propose to Ban Xia. This was his New Year’s wish, and it was almost impossible to realize .

Ban Xia showed a sweet and happy smile and accepted Zhao Lei’s marriage proposal. The staff of the TV station who took the footage edited the footage into news and broadcast it on the TV without Qiu Bizheng’s permission, which immediately caused an uproar. A large number of villagers near the steel factory came to the steel factory to ask for an explanation.

Gao Yuejin also rushed to Jianshe Steel Plant as soon as he received the call, and it took a lot of effort to appease the emotions of the masses. As for Wu Jianshe, although he already knew he was wrong and hoped that Gao Yuejin would give him another chance, but it was too late, and now he could only wait to be sentenced. Wu Jianshe loves and hates the fact that he destroyed it himself, which in turn destroyed his steel factory, but the matter has come to this point, and he has to face the reality.

Unlike Wu Jianshe’s dying construction steel mill, Banxia’s steel mill construction is doing well, so Wu Jianshe had to find Banxia. After playing the friendship card with her first, he then expressed his thoughts. Wu Jianshe’s steel factory can’t last anymore, and I hope Banxia can take over his factory.

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