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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 24 Recap

Ban Xia learned from Gao Xinyi that Zhao Lei hadn’t left in the past half month, nor had he joined the American steel company. Later, Banxia called Wu Jianshe to inquire about this matter. Wu Jianshe said that when Manager Hong went to Zhao Lei with the contract, Zhao Lei not only did not sign it, but also said that they would not meet again in the future. This was obviously a rejection of the US Steel Corporation. Invitation to join. Ban Xia returned to the company and called Zhao Lei, only to find that he had left. On the table was a letter written by Zhao Lei to Ban Xia. After reading the letter, Ban Xia contacted Gao Xinyi, and learned about Zhao Lei’s flight time to Shanghai and hotel stay through her.

Su Guoliang got in touch with a representative of an American machinery manufacturing company. Their machinery and equipment are among the top three in the world. If Xu Banxia needs it, this is a good opportunity, but his half-baked English is not enough for him to chat smoothly with foreigners. So he asked Gao Xinyi for help, and Gao Xinyi agreed. Without the steel mill, Banxia still wanted to explain to the group of skilled workers brought back from the Northeast, so she went to Wu Jianshe to discuss the matter, and Wu Jianshe agreed very readily. Ban Xia thought before that she and Wu Jianshe had a quarrel because of the steel factory, and she was still in a bad mood, worried that Wu Jianshe would hold grudges.

Banxia rushed to Shanghai and waited outside Zhao Lei’s room. When Zhao Lei came back, he saw her sleeping on the sofa, so he took her in. After Zhao Lei came to Shanghai for two weeks, he finally realized how much he hurt Ban Xia, and he was also very afraid that the relationship between the two would break up like this. And Ban Xia took the initiative to come to Shanghai to find him, which also showed that she didn’t want to break up with Zhao Lei, and the two got back together. They met Mr. Wang, Zhao Lei’s friend in Shanghai. The other party is engaged in real estate and has a girlfriend. Pinellia can follow suit, but Zhao Lei said that she doesn’t need to be like other girlfriends, she is enough now it is good.

When they went shopping together, she was always the one who bought gifts for others. When she saw Zhao Lei paying the bill, Ban Xia was still moved. Su Guoliang took Gao Xinyi to meet with the representative of American machinery and equipment. Only after this time did he realize that Gao Xinyi’s English is so good. Time passed bit by bit, Wu Jianshe’s construction steel plant was established, and Zhao Lei also met with the person in charge from the headquarters. They gave Zhao Lei the position of general manager of Greater China. He shared the good news with Pinellia, Ban Xia is a little sad because he is about to leave the company. Later, Banxia asked Jia Changan to be the general manager of the future steel factory.

Banxia rented the land near the stockyard and planned to set up a steel factory. She named this steel factory the Universe Steel Factory. Tong Xiaoqi and the others knew her intention of naming it so, and they were deeply moved. The signing ceremony of Wu Jianshe’s steel factory was also officially signed and opened. Not long after the signing was completed, Gao Yuejin met Banxia and was surprised to learn that she wanted to set up her own steel factory. In her opinion, it is best for Banxia to cooperate with Wu Jianshe. It is the most practical thing for them to join forces to run the steel factory well, so she is not optimistic about Banxia starting a new one and building a steel factory in Jiangdong Province.

After Ban Xia opened Wu Jianshe’s steel factory, he went to meet him to celebrate the opening of his steel factory. Wu Jianshe took this opportunity and asked her if she wanted to take a stake, but Banxia declined. In order to prepare for the construction of a steel factory, Banxia sent Jia Changan with a group of skilled workers to investigate advanced steel technology in other places.

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