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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 21 Recap

Tong Xiaoqi bought a movie ticket and asked Gao Xinyi to watch it together, but Gao Xinyi didn’t go. She recently enrolled in an evening class to learn computers, and she also enrolled Tong Xiaoqi. After finishing speaking, she stuffed the textbook into Tong Xiao’s rider and left. Universe told his subordinates about the precautions for the layout of the workers’ family building, and then he vomited blood in a room.

The first thing he did was not to go to the hospital, but to wipe the blood on the wall with a rag, which seemed distressing. Tong Xiaoqi went to pick up Pinellia, and told her about the situation in the universe, as well as the steel mill’s bidding to start next week. When Ban Xia comes back, the first thing to do is to see the universe.

Although he was mentally prepared, Ban Xia was still stunned when he saw that the universe’s black hair had turned into a few sparse strands. Universe planned to take Zhou Qian to the Maldives, and he also planned to ask Banxia to find a lawyer for him. He wanted to make a will in advance, but Banxia did not agree. Zhou Qian sent Banxia downstairs and asked for more money.

Seeing the universe getting closer to death every day, the more she suffered. Ban Xia agreed to increase the money, and only hoped that Zhou Qian could hold on for a while longer. Zhou Qian satirized her and said that she had nothing but money. Universe looked through the glass window upstairs and saw the two talking. In fact, he understood everything in his heart.

Zhao Lei told Ban Xia that his job has been settled and he will leave after the bidding of the steel mill is over. Ban Xia was very disappointed. Although she was ready for Zhao Lei to leave, she didn’t expect it to be so soon. The workers and their families have all arrived in Binhai. Universe, Tong Xiaoqi, and Gao Xinyi are all busy, hoping that these people who have left their homes will have more warmth in their hearts.

Wu Jianshe once again came to Banxia to talk about the steel factory, but Banxia still didn’t let go. For her, she was bound to win this steel factory. During the meal, Gao Yuejin chatted with his daughter about Tong Xiaoqi, and Gao Xinyi said that she planned to break up with Tong Xiaoqi, and they were not the same way.

Universe told Zhou Qian that he planned to go to the Maldives tomorrow, and Zhou Qian contacted Tong Xiaoqi that night to talk about it, but was discovered by Universe. As soon as Universe woke up the next day, he saw Tong Xiaoqi and Su Guoliang standing beside the bed. They were taken to carry Universe downstairs and sent him to the hospital despite his objection.

Universe strongly objected, Zhou Qian cried and told him to understand something, and went to the hospital honestly, only then Universe relented and stopped struggling. When Qiu Bizheng, Feng Yu and Wu Jianshe met, Qiu Bizheng guessed that Xu Banxia would have 50 to 60 million yuan if he died. As long as they can spend this amount of money, they may win against Xu Banxia.

When it comes to money, Feng Yu can only contribute 5 million yuan, and Qiu Bizheng can only contribute 20 million yuan, and the remaining 30 million yuan can only be relied on by Wu Jianshe. Universe’s health is deteriorating, and he is really worried that Ban Xia will not be able to bear it after Universe leaves, so he makes an appointment with Zhao Lei.

He could see that Banxia liked Zhao Lei, so he hoped that Zhao Lei would treat Banxia well. Ban Xia learned from Su Guodong that the illness of the universe has not improved, and the remaining time will be as short as a month and as long as half a year. Ban Xia regrets it at this moment. In the past year, she has been busy making money and neglected the closest people around her, so she feels very guilty.

In order to be more fully prepared for the bidding, Wu Jianshe went to find Gao Yuejin, ostensibly to bring her tea, but Gao Yuejin opened the tea box and saw that it contained not tea, but a whole box of money.

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