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Shining Just For You 九州·朱颜记 Episode 8 Recap

Ye Lingshuang asked someone to deliver a box to Yu Xiuming. After Yu Xiuming opened it, he felt a little puzzled when he saw the chess pieces inside. These were sent by Ye Lingshuang to test Yu Xiuming. She believed that Yu Xiuming must be interested in her game. Sure enough, Yu Xiuming quickly called Ye Lingshuang over. When it comes to the real teacher, Yu Xiuming’s reaction is very strange, Ye Lingshuang thinks that he must have something to do with the real teacher.

The two played the game on the spot, and finally Yu Xiuming got tired of playing, and promised that Ye Lingshuang could enter and leave Yunji Tower at will in the future. Ye Lingshuang told Qi Hailian that Yu Xiuming’s secret might be related to the real teacher. Qi Hailian also told Ye Lingshuang about Huo Lu, but Ye Lingshuang had never heard of this person’s name, and was worried that it would be dangerous to act rashly. Qi Hailian hopes that Ye Lingshuang will find out the secret that Yu Xiuming will not get hurt, which is too crucial for them.

Ye Lingshuang approached Xie Yu’an to inquire about Huo Lu’s affairs. Xie Yu’an said that Huo Lu had indeed received Jie Haitian’s favor, but he was definitely not Jie Haitian’s confidant. Ye Lingshuang went to see Leng Tianxi again, and when he mentioned Jie Haitian, Leng Tianxi was quite emotional, and Ye Lingshuang learned that no one had received Jie Haitian’s great kindness.

The more Ye Lingshuang thought about it, the more something was wrong. Huo Lu must be lying, so he quickly wrote a letter to Qi Hailian, and then asked Brother Gu to send it out. After Qi Hailian received the letter, she still wanted to fight to the death. Heart. Ye Lingshuang couldn’t abandon her, and wanted to create an escape circle for Qi Hailian.

Ye Lingshuang went to the restaurant again, and finally saw Yi Wuyou. Yi Wuyou was seriously injured before, and has been looking for her whereabouts since she recovered. Yi Wushou was so seriously injured that she slept on the mountain all night, and Qi Hairui disappeared after waking up. After that, Yi Wuyou met Ye Jingqing again, but he passed away because of his serious injuries.

Yi Wuyou was very surprised to learn that Ye Lingshuang had become an official of Da Chao, but Ye Lingshuang did not work for Yu Xiuming, but could do many things with such an identity. Yi Wuyou told Ye Lingshuang that in the future, seeing the wind chime hanging here means that he is here, and he will keep an eye on Bing Jue for Ye Lingshuang.

When Yi Wuyou was looking for Bingjue, he met the girl from last time playing the guqin, and seeing that she hadn’t eaten for a long time, he invited her to have dinner together. The girl’s surname is Tang. After learning her identity, Yi Wuyou invited her to the restaurant for a rest. Yi Wuyou bought Bing Jue for Ye Lingshuang, and accidentally saw someone being chased and killed by officers and soldiers and helped her. She was Yuren Tianying. Huo Lu and others came to discuss with Qi Hailian about the assassination of Xinghan Grand Ceremony, no matter whether it succeeds or not, they will kill and silence.

The day after tomorrow is the Xinghan Grand Ceremony, and Yi Wuyou hopes that Ye Lingshuang will not risk his life for Qi Hailian, but Ye Lingshuang must also help for Qi Hairui. Yi Wuyou couldn’t persuade her, he could only ensure her safety. Yun Wen also persuaded Ye Lingshuang that the assassination would not succeed, she was looking for death in doing so, but Ye Lingshuang insisted on doing so. Ye Lingshuang made a gift bag and gave it to Leng Tianxi. They lost their parents and relatives, so they felt sorry for each other.

On the eve of Xinghan’s ceremony, Jie Zhuying went to see Qi Hailian, hoping to get her a chance to face the saint after Xinghan’s ceremony, but they didn’t know that she was going to assassinate tomorrow. Yu Xiuming discovered Qi Hailian’s whereabouts and also guessed her plan at Xinghan Grand Ceremony. Yu Xiuming asked Ye Lingshuang to play games with him, and suddenly asked about Qi Hailian, and who Ye Lingshuang would choose among them. Ye Lingshuang was cautious, saying that he had already told Leng Tianxi what he wanted to say, and he would know as soon as he asked.

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