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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 7 Recap

Ban Xia followed Wu Jianshe and the others to the north. It was cold in the north, and the snow was flying all over the sky. If they didn’t wear more clothes, they might freeze to the point of losing their teeth. Yang Jun’s son Xiao Yang came to pick them up outside the station, and Xiao Yang’s fiancée Nina was also sitting in the car.

At Xiao Yang’s request, Nina was reluctant to greet Wu Jianshe and the others, but when she turned around, her smile disappeared instantly. Nina and Xiao Yang felt that Wu Jianshe and the others did not understand Russian, so they communicated in Russian. From their communication, they learned that they did not really want to sell steel to Wu Jianshe, but just to cheat them out of the money.

A group of people settled down in a wooden house, and Xiao Yang entertained them very warmly. When eating at the dinner table, everyone also talked about it. Xiao Yang said that the business was a cash transaction. Hearing this, everyone looked at each other and wondered why cash must be used. Xiao Yang found a reason to prevaricate, and said that he would decide whether to cooperate after seeing the goods tomorrow. Among them, Guo Qidong was the only one who was a little suspicious.

He always felt that the relationship between Xiao Yang and his fiancée Nina was a bit strange, but Ban Xia didn’t take Guo Qidong’s words seriously. The next day, everyone followed Xiao Yang to see the steel. After seeing the quality of the steel, they were overjoyed and signed the contract hastily when they came back.

Banxia seemed unhappy because the tonnage she got was very small, but she still asked Wu Jianshe about the contract, but Wu Jianshe had unconditional trust in Xiao Yang, and she assured that there was no problem, so Banxia didn’t say anything else. up. After signing the contract, Wu Jianshe took out wads of cash and handed them to Xiao Yang and Nina.

Later, Xiao Yang sent them back to the wooden house, and then left immediately. They opened the door with the key given by Xiao Yang, but they couldn’t. When Banxia saw that all the furniture in the wooden house was gone, she became suspicious instantly, but Qiu Bizheng and the others were impatient, so they broke the window and entered. The neighbors saw it and called the police.

When several people entered the house, it was empty. Wu Jianshe felt ashamed and realized that he had been cheated. The police came and took them to the police station. Due to the language barrier, Yang Jinkai from the Chinese embassy came to help them after receiving the call. After learning about the general situation, he sent them to the hotel they booked for a rest.

Yang Jinkai reminded Wu Jianshe that if he wants to solve the case here, he can only rely on luck. It is better to return to China as soon as possible, so that he can be more careful when encountering such things in the future. Among the few people, Qiu Bi talked a lot. He was the one who was the most enthusiastic at the beginning, and he was the one who fired the most after the fact, but Ban Xia never said anything.

Ban Xia went to the north for a long time, and Tong Xiao’s caravan had no income. A brother named Pian Zi got a way to make money by helping people kidnap people and forcing them to pay back the money. After all, this is an illegal act, Tong Xiaoqi disagrees, but he also knows that he is ashamed of his brothers, so he can only apologize, Xiaozhi uses emotion to reason, and hopes that the brothers can survive this time.

He was quite dissatisfied at first, but Tong Xiaoqi touched the wine bottle directly and smashed his head until his head was bleeding, but his expression remained unchanged. After listening to Tong Xiaoqi’s words, the brothers all gave up this idea, and Pianzi also knelt down and said that he was wrong.

The embassy has done everything they can to help them. If they want to go back to their country, they can contact the embassy, ​​and the embassy will help them book a ticket back home. Ban Xia came here all the way, but the business couldn’t be done, and she was cheated out of money, so she didn’t plan to go back like this.

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