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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 18 Recap

Brother Qiao was taken aback by what he said. The tea I drank before now seemed like a flood suddenly bursting the embankment, which made Brother Qiao even more anxious to go to the latrine. Finally, Brother Qiao nodded repeatedly and promised to help a few people. Things went very smoothly, but Yin Qi felt a little uncomfortable. Today, the brothers cooperated with each other and talked about those scenes, but Yin Qi felt a little tired. Mother said that she lacked this tendon since she was a child, and now that she is in the court, and the lord has not arranged any duties for a long time, Yin Qi suddenly felt that she might be like this in her life.

Shangguan Jing persuaded Yin Qi that if he wasn’t used to it, he didn’t have to force himself to get used to it. There is not only one way to live a person’s life. If someone bullies Yin Qi for this, Shangguan Jing will definitely rush forward to protect him. Hearing these words, Yin Qi felt very moved. His mood was no longer so low and negative, but he looked at Shangguan Jing with a silly smile like before.

For hundreds of years, the Mochuan people have been grazing, resulting in the barren land today. However, Mochuan has a vast land and few people, and the sunshine time is long. As long as the planning is reasonable and the fields are fertile, farming will surely flourish one day. Several people came to the farmland, bent down to work in person, and experienced the customs of this world. After returning, Li Wei also designed a tool that is convenient for Mochuan farmers to farm according to today’s feelings.

After the close cooperation of several people, Mo Chuanzhu finally agreed to promote farming, and the two Sichuans no longer need to use intermarriage to maintain their relationship. Everyone gathered around to celebrate this great victory, and Yin Kun also warmly invited everyone to play here for a few more days. It happened that Li Wei hadn’t seen her grandfather who lived in Mochuan for a long time, so a group of people came to Grandpa Li Wei’s house. I thought that when I arrived at my grandpa’s house, I wouldn’t need to drink. Unexpectedly, before the words fell, grandpa brought some good wine. The kindness is hard to turn down, and the few of them could only bite the bullet and take the wine cup.

At night, Li Wei and grandpa sat by the bonfire and chatted about homework. Li Wei told her grandfather that although there are many rules in Xinchuan, she has gradually adapted to it. Grandpa could tell that Yin Zheng cared about Li Wei very much, and he also hoped that the young couple could support each other. Afterwards, grandpa brought a jade bracelet for Li Wei to wear. Li Wei took the bracelet with tears in her eyes, and leaned on her grandfather’s shoulder to feel the warmth of her family.

Yin Zheng was so drunk that he passed out, his face was flushed. Li Wei wiped his face carefully to make him feel better. The two were very close, as if they could clearly feel each other’s warm breath. Yin Zheng’s sharp eyes saw that Li Wei had just cried. Li Wei was a little embarrassed and said that she was homesick. Yin Zheng immediately cheered up. He held Li Wei’s hand and promised her that if she became homesick in the future, he would take her home. The tears in Li Wei’s eyes were about to burst, but she held back and nodded to Yin Zheng with a smile. Seeing Yin Zheng sniggering, Li Wei couldn’t help scolding him, drinking so much without knowing how to drink, I was really afraid that he would do something again. But before he finished speaking, Yin Zheng suddenly leaned his head over and kissed Li Wei.

Everyone returned triumphantly from Mo Chuan, and the Lord arranged for Yin Zheng to assist in the Kyushu Affairs Department. Although the result is different from what he expected, but at this stage, Yin Zheng feels that it is the same wherever he works, so he accepts the job with peace of mind.

After experiencing so much, Song Wu gradually understood her heart. In fact, she only admired Yin Zheng at most, and didn’t really want to marry her. She just wants to spend the rest of her life with someone she likes and who also likes her. But Mrs. He was very anxious about her life-long event, and sent several engagement lists over the past few days. With Li Wei’s encouragement, Song Wu finally mustered up the courage to speak out her thoughts to Mrs. He. Mrs. He was not surprised, but instead supported Song Wu in pursuing her own happiness. However, Song Wu only felt a headache after dating a few men of the right age.

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