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Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 Episode 21 Recap

Xiao Yan advised Bai Zhu to give Xiaoguang more space, so that he could have a happy childhood, and Xiaoguang also had the right to know his condition. Bai Zhu was convinced by what Xiao Yan said, and the more they talked on the phone, the more speculative they became. , Hang up very late. Bai Zhu sat on the edge of the bed and scrutinized the sleeping Xiaoguang with an indescribable love in his heart.

Xiaoguang woke up in a daze, and Bai Zhu told him the truth. Xiaoguang knew that his illness was serious, and he had been pretending not to know in front of Bai Zhu. Xiaoguang concluded that Xiao Yan had mastered the mind of Bai Zhu, the iron tree. Bai Zhu was willing to tell him the truth when he was working. Bai Zhu tried his best to defend himself, but he felt relieved.

Bai Zhu was grateful to Xiao Yan, and called Xiao Yan overnight to meet and talk in detail. Bai Zhu opened her heart to Xiao Yan and admitted that Xiaoguang was his brother’s child. Xiaoguang was born with severe thalassemia. When he was two years old Both of his parents died in a car accident, and Bai Zhu raised Xiaoguang as his own son. When he was six years old, he passed by the god of death. Thanks to his all-out rescue, Xiaoguang has persisted until now. Bai Zhu told Xiao Yan the mystery of Xiaoguang’s life experience. , also wanted to know a secret of Xiao Yan, Xiao Yan hurriedly changed the topic.


43-year-old Xu Hanwei fainted with a high fever at home. The neighbor called 120 for emergency calls. She was sent to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital. Tang Hua was asked to consult a neurologist. Xu Hanwei was seriously ill and her family members had not arrived. The neurologist did not want to wait any longer. She was worried that Xu Hanwei’s condition would worsen, so she rescued her.

Xu Hanwei’s examination results showed that the infection was very serious, but the cause of the infection could not be found out for a while. Xu Hanwei’s breathing and heart rate suddenly increased, and she had chills. Xiao Yan hurriedly examined her, but the cause of the infection could not be found. Lin Zhi has been unable to contact Xu Hanwei’s family, and learned that Xu Hanwei’s husband took her daughter to a winter camp abroad, and she came and went because she couldn’t ask for leave. Xu Hanwei’s condition deteriorated sharply, and Xiao Yan performed blood biochemical tests on her again, but the cause was not found. Xu Hanwei suffered liver and kidney failure and was in danger at any time. Xiao Yan wanted to put Xu Hanwei on an extracorporeal membrane oxygenation machine and needed family members. Sign it, but the family can’t get in touch.

Xiao Yan had to come to Lu Ping’an to report that Bai Zhu was present. He suggested saving people first, but this treatment method is expensive and dangerous. If the family members do not sign, it will cause a lot of trouble. After a sharp decline, her life was at stake, Xiao Yan had to put Xu Hanwei on the plane first, and her condition was slightly stabilized.


Bai Zhu kept calling Xu Hanwei’s husband and finally contacted him. The father and daughter came to the hospital together. Seeing that Xu Hanwei had turned the corner, they thanked Xiao Yan again and again. Lu Ping’an saw that Xiao Yan and Bai Zhu were no longer fighting each other, but seeking common ground while reserving differences. He immediately reported the good news to Jiang Zhongjing. Jiang Zhongjing congratulated Lu Ping’an on winning the two generals.

Lao Pan spread the sun-dried quilt, but he couldn’t see Jiang Xianyun sitting on the chair and stopped breathing, so he hurriedly called Jiang Shan to inform him. Jiang Xianyun’s funeral was held as scheduled. The medical staff from Tongshan Hospital came to pay his funeral. Lao Pan handed over a letter that Jiang Xianyun had written before his death to Jiang Shan.

Tang Hua’s mother suddenly had chest tightness and shortness of breath while dancing in the square. She was sent to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital. Chen Zhi checked her blood pressure and pulse were normal, so she came to Xu Yiran for help, and Xu Yiran gave her a Further examination. Tang Hua came to hear the news, and her mother’s examination results were all normal, but she had been suffering from chest tightness and shortness of breath. Xu Yiran arranged for her to have a brain natriuretic peptide examination and found nothing abnormal. Xu Yiran was puzzled and could only give her routine treatment.


The patient came to Tang Hua for a follow-up consultation. Chen Zhi offered to take care of Tang’s mother. After Tang Hua sent the patient away, he heard Chen Zhi ask his mother what kind of boy she liked outside the door. Drive Chen Zhi out. When Tang Hua was going to see a doctor, Xu Yiran stayed with Tang’s mother. Tang’s mother’s condition gradually improved. She pulled him to ask questions, and Xu Yiran ran away in fright.

Tang Hua learned about what her mother had done, and couldn’t help but blame her. Her mother gave points to the male doctors in Keli. She felt that Chen Zhi’s family was too poor to be suitable for Tang Hua. He took a fancy to Xu Yiran and tried his best to match Tang Hua with Xu Yiran, but Tang Hua was not interested in the romantic Xu Yiran. When Chen Zhi heard this outside the door, he came to Xu Yiran to vomit bitterly. Xu Yiran had no feelings for Tang Hua, and wanted Tang mother to give up completely, so he asked Lin Zhi to pretend to be his fiancée, and deliberately showed her affection in front of Tang mother, Tang mother insisted Scalp wishes them happiness.

Chen Zhi was unhappy all day. He didn’t want to eat or drink. Xu Yiran advised him to give up as soon as possible. He was not suitable for Tang Hua. — Do what you want.

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