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Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 Episode 17 Recap

Jiang Shan asked the maintenance worker to go home to repair the water pipe, and asked Xiao Yan to help take care of Jiang Xianyun, and by the way, he would persuade Jiang Xianyun. Jiang Shan waited for a long time at the gate of the hospital and didn’t get a taxi. Lu Ping’an came to take her home in time.

Jiang Xianyun was tortured to death by the pain, Xiao Yan greeted him and encouraged him not to give up his life, but Jiang Xianyun couldn’t take it anymore, he felt that life was better than death, Xiao Yan understood and respected his thoughts, and knew that he did not make such a decision temporarily. Impulsive, after careful consideration, promised to explain the situation to the courtyard. Xiao Yan applied to the hospital, and Lu Pingan was ordered to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the matter. Bai Zhu felt it was too cruel and he refused to participate.

Xiao Yan stopped Bai Zhu and persuaded him to respect Jiang Xianyun’s wishes, not to watch him die, but to use the doctor’s judgment to make a decision. Bai Zhu felt that Jiang Xianyun couldn’t take it anymore because he couldn’t bear the pain, and the doctor couldn’t give up his decision because of his weakness. In life, Xiao Yan and him had different opinions and insisted on respecting Jiang Xianyun.

As soon as the two disagreed, a fierce dispute broke out and finally broke up. Lu Ping’an, Xu Yiran, Tang Hua and Chen Zhi all supported Bai Zhu’s idea. Lu Ping’an advised Xiao Yan not to make judgments based on foreign national conditions. Xiao Yan had no choice but to give up, but she really couldn’t bear to see Jiang Xianyun living in such pain.

Jiang Xianyun was in unbearable pain, and in a fit of anger, he pulled out all the tubes on his body. Bai Zhu heard the news and rushed over. Jiang Xianyun developed pneumothorax symptoms, and Bai Zhu tried his best to save him. Seeing this scene, Xiao Yan felt unspeakably uncomfortable. She persuaded Jiang Shan to think about it from the perspective of a medical staff. Jiang Shan was helpless, she was just an ordinary family member of a patient.

Bai Zhu was desperate to save Jiang Xianyun. He reminded Xiao Yan to reconsider his decision. Xiao Yan still insisted on his own point of view. Jiang Xianyun was angry and did not eat, drink or speak, and glared at Bai Zhu, Bai Zhu had to leave silently. Jiang Shan persuaded Jiang Xianyun to drink water, but Jiang Xianyun knocked the water cup to the ground. Bai Zhu saw with his own eyes that Jiang Xianyun was agitated and poured all his anger on Jiang Shan, and his heart was full of mixed feelings.

An elderly patient has been suffering from nausea and vomiting recently. His daughter forced him to come to Tongshan Hospital for a physical examination. He refused to cooperate. His daughter even coaxed him to the emergency department. There were no other abnormalities. Xu Yiran suggested chest and abdomen CT based on his clinical symptoms. He slammed the door in a fit of rage.

A few days later, the symptoms of the old man’s nausea and vomiting did not ease, and his daughter brought him for an examination again. He refused to cooperate and excused that the CT was harmful to his body. Xiao Yan happened to pass by and took his daughter away first. She saw that the patient had hidden feelings. , The patient had to admit that he had advanced lung cancer. He didn’t want his daughter to know about it. Not only did the treatment cost her daughter’s money, but she would eventually die.

Xiao Yan promised to help him hide his condition and let him come to the hospital alone in the afternoon for a diagnosis. The old man came to the hospital in the afternoon. He did relevant examinations and was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. Xiao Yan prescribed him a very cheap anticancer drug. When his daughter came to hear the news, Xiao Yan helped him conceal his real condition, so his daughter was relieved to take his father away, and the old man turned to Xiao Yan with a smile.

Xu Yiran was deeply moved by this incident, and he persuaded Bai Zhu to accept Xiao Yan’s suggestion, but Bai Zhu would not let go. Lu Pingan asked his old family to bring some bitter gourd and let Jiang Shan make it for Jiang Xianyun to eat. Xiaoguang saw Bai Zhu and Xiao Yan being interviewed on TV, so he called Bai Zhu to watch it together, and Xiaoguang praised Xiao Yan for his good looks. Colleagues watched the interview on TV and praised Xiao Yan for being beautiful. Xiao Yan felt that Bai Zhu’s performance was very good.

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