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Unexpected Falling 不期而至 Episode 1 Recap

Every morning, Ruan Zhenzhen would cook a delicious and nutritious breakfast for her husband Xu Youning, then match the clothes Xu Youning was going to wear to work, wake her husband up sweetly, and feel that the first major event of the day was done, and then she went to sleep beautifully. A return to sleep. Such a beautiful life is undoubtedly what many women yearn for, but Ruan Zhenzhen’s husband Xu Youning lives up to expectations. He pays his daughter-in-law’s salary on time every time. In order to make his wife feel safe, he deliberately changes his salary into a thick pile of cash and puts it in an envelope. inside.

Su Wen came to attend the wedding of her ex-boyfriend Lao Yan today, and her ex-boyfriend also informed her of his marriage, which made the bride especially unhappy. Su Wen dressed in “Hantian Gao” deliberately and arrogantly to send red envelopes. After sending her blessings to the newlyweds, her best friend Ruan Zhenzhen drove to pick her up. On the way, the two were chatting for a while about where to eat when suddenly Ruan Zhenzhen’s cell phone rang. Su Wen answered the phone for her best friend, and her expression became solemn. She tried to appease Ruan Zhenzhen’s emotions and asked her to put the car on the side of the road first.


The call was from the traffic police. Ruan Zhenzhen’s husband was involved in a car accident and is now dead. When Ruan Zhenzhen arrived at the scene, he found that the wreckage of the vehicle was covered in blood. After the funeral was finally completed, he returned to the downstairs of the community but encountered trouble. This group of people was aggressive, with hideous faces, and when they saw Ruan Zhenzhen, they directly shouted to pay back the money. Ruan Zhenzhen hadn’t woken up from his grief, when the courier called again and sent a summons from the court.

Ruan Zhenzhen was at a loss. On weekdays, her husband Xu Youning took care of her in every possible way, and handed over her salary to her on time every month. Ruan Zhenzhen has always lived a peaceful and stable life. Facing huge debts, Ruan Zhenzhen could not be surprised. She went on to look for her husband’s mobile phone, and found that the phone had been completely broken, and it was impossible to repair it.

Ruan Zhenzhen took the subpoena to the court for hearing. The evidence provided by the plaintiff was signed by Ruan Zhenzhen on all the IOUs. Ruan Zhenzhen had seen all the loans on the IOUs and she had no idea. The case was under investigation. Su Wen worried that her best friend had no money to hire a lawyer, so she Find a good lawyer to help her.


The lawyer Ruan Zhenzhen contacted was named Gao Jun, stern and gentle, unsmiling, and a pair of wise and quick eyes under the clear myopia mirror seemed to be able to look directly into the heart of the other party. Ruan Zhenzhen was in a low mood and had no plans to hire a lawyer. Su Wen sent her the lawyer’s contact information, but Ruan Zhenzhen didn’t care. Her husband had just passed away in a car accident, and she had so much debt all at once. Ruan Zhenzhen didn’t believe that a lawyer could help her investigate the truth.

The phone rang suddenly, Gao Jun took the initiative to contact Ruan Zhenzhen, and roughly understood the whole process of the case during lunch. Ruan Zhenzhen was at a loss, which made him unbelievable. When Ruan Zhenzhen’s husband was having an affair, Ruan Zhenzhen was extremely disgusted, and she trusted her husband’s character 100%.

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