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Winter Night 在你的冬夜里闪耀 Episode 5 Recap

Yan Junze paid back the money to the Zheng family for his mother, and he put the money directly to Gong Xiaoqin. Zheng Daqian mistakenly thought he was here to propose marriage, so he stepped forward to stop him and insisted on returning the money until Yan Junze told the truth. Only then did I know that I had made an oolong. Zheng Daqian pulled Yan Junze into the yard and explained that he, like in a sci-fi movie, came from another parallel time and space, and exchanged with Zheng Daqian who lived here, so he was not the person he liked. Yan Junze thought it was just Zheng Daqian’s shirk.

The reason indicated that he could wait until the day when she changed her mind, Zheng Daqian was speechless. In the room, everyone was talking about Yan Junze’s liking for Zheng Daqian. Mu’s mother felt that Yan Junze was very discerning and was not as indifferent as some people. Zheng Yingjun and Gong Xiaoqin thought it was very good, at least someone took over.

Mu Zili went upstairs to discuss the matter between her and Yan Junze with Zheng Daqian. He didn’t mind the two falling in love too much, but he just thought it was a little awkward to be a light bulb for so long. On the other side, Yan Junze came over after receiving a call from Dazhi, and news came from the Tieyuan Public Security Bureau that there was a case involving a burn patient whose name was Yan Zhonghui. .

In desperation, Dazhi had to tell Zheng Daqian and Mu Zili the situation. The two took the opportunity to help Yan Junze paint the walls to persuade him to see his father Yan Zhonghui, but Yan Junze had made up his mind and no one could persuade him.

After Zheng Daqian returned to Mu’s house, he learned that his father went to dinner with Yan Junze. He thought he was messing around with the mandarin ducks again, and hurriedly chased after him. Zheng Yingjun just wanted to see Yan Junze’s attitude towards his daughter, and it would be a good idea to bring them together. Yes, it can also heal the emotional wounds of the broken-hearted daughter. After Zheng Daqian arrived, he chased away his father, and then took out a photo of the three fathers, Zheng Daqian, Mu Zili and Yan Junze holding them. She successfully persuaded Yan Junze to go to Tieyuan, and she and Mu Zili accompanied her. .

The three hurried to the Public Security Bureau and heard that their father was involved in fraud again. Yan Junze completely lost confidence, and even had no idea of ​​seeing him for the last time. Zheng Daqian told her past experience, and her father followed her, but she refused to speak. She didn’t reply, and she didn’t know what he wanted to say to her, until one day she signed the receipt for claiming the body.

At that moment, all the complaints and grudges disappeared. Yan Junze listened to Zheng Daqian’s persuasion and decided to see his father for the last time, but the police told him that the person inside had falsely used Yan Zhonghui’s identity, and the three of them breathed a sigh of relief. On the way back, the sun just rose, Zheng Daqian asked Mu Zili to stop to watch the sunrise, and also made a wish to change his life.

Mu Zili and Zheng Daqian discuss the concept of love together. Mu Zili tends to be heartbroken, but Zheng Daqian is more realistic, and any love needs to be embodied. Back in his brother’s room, Mu Zili stared at the photos of Zheng Da’s former student days in a daze. Mu Zixi told him that when he confessed to Zheng Daqian, he was rejected, but Mu Zili didn’t believe it at all, but when he turned his head, Mu Zili’s mind There was a scene where the two were intimate together, and he was scared into a cold sweat at that time.

Mu Zili accidentally saw his brother’s drawing book, which contained a profile drawing of a long-haired woman. He thought this person was familiar, but he couldn’t remember who he was, because he lost part of his memory after being hit. Xi walked in and asked him why he was looking at his things, and was so frightened that Mu Zili accidentally smashed the Transformers sculpture on the side, and Mu Zixi was so angry that he almost ran away. Mu Zili asked for forgiveness from his younger brother, but Mu Zixi thought that he was pretending to have amnesia to bite the old man, not really amnesia.

Zheng Daqian was out shopping, and happened to meet his classmate Mi Lan, who greeted her very enthusiastically, but Zheng Daqian always had a estrangement with her, and even looked for opportunities to run away. Mu Zixi saw Mi Lan on campus, and he immediately ran after him on a bicycle. Mi Lan stopped for a while in front of Mu’s mother’s photo studio, and then walked forward. Mu Zixi remembered that his mother took Mi Lan’s photos when he was a child. At that time, it turned out that the girl in his album was Mi Lan.

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