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Healing Food, Healing Love (2022) 你是我的美味

Name: Healing Food, Healing Love / You are My Delicious / 你是我的美味 / Delicious Love

Episodes: 24 Episodes in total

Genre: Drama, Urban, Romance, Web Drama

Region: Mainland

Director: N/A

Air Date: November 02, 2022

Starring: Zhao Yaoke, Jang Hyuk, Zhao Pinlin, Zhou Zijie, Ren Shuai, Ni Yan, Han Jiashun


“You Are My Delicious” is an urban emotion, women’s growth, and food healing drama. The drama mainly focuses on the romance of the daily life of the heroine Shin Young, the man Zheng Da, and their friends who live alone. Although they are engaged in Different occupations have different personalities, but they have the same hobbies and goals, that is, they love life and love to share all kinds of food. In the process of fighting and enjoying food, they also harvested their own happiness stories. .

Shen Ying, the food editor of the magazine, is independent, hard-working and persevering. She is a arrogant foodie cat girl with a total affinity. She is beautiful and not pretentious. She is confused in life but meticulous in her work. She loves food and enjoys life. Zheng Dao, the special director of the food section of the magazine, is a canine male with a cold and poisonous tongue. He is very principled and particular about his work. He has very strict requirements for food. Thirty became a family with difficulties in marriage and love, until he met Shen Ying, and he changed quietly.

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